Jewish Media Whines as Western-Backed Chinese Dissident Put on Trial for Subversion

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 27, 2018

This guy was working with foreigners to agitate for “democratic reform,” which is a codeword for “staged Western revolution.”

We’ve seen this most recently in the Ukraine, but before that we saw it all throughout the Middle East. “Color revolutions,” they’re called.

The Falun Gong cult is at the center of the Western agitation program in China. The Soros-backed “Freedom House” is linked to the group. The US government openly funded the creation of a program to allow them to access Western social media platforms in order to funnel propaganda to them. Remember the huge part that social media agitation played in the Arab Spring.

The Chinese gather around with their children and old people to watch these cultists get beat-up by normal people when they stage their whiny demonstrations.

The West was attempting to get operatives in place for a long-term strategy of disruption and eventual revolution, then The Panda Emperor up and arrested them all in 2015.

This entire “everyone on earth craves modern Western liberal democracy” nonsense is all a gigantic hoax, and China is dealing with it correctly.

If we would have allowed Joseph McCarthy to do this same thing with the alien and alien-allied subversives attempting to undermine our society, we wouldn’t be in the position we’re in now.


China has placed a prominent human rights lawyer on trial for subversion.

Wang Quanzhang went missing in a crackdown on hundreds of lawyers and activists in 2015, and is one of the last to be tried or released.

He defended political campaigners and followers of the banned spiritual movement Falun Gong, and worked with a Swedish human rights activist.

There is tight security outside the court, with several supporters being bundled away by police.

Mr Wang’s wife Li Wenzu, who has not seen him since he disappeared in 2015, says police have surrounded her home in Beijing, preventing her from attending the trial.

Journalists and foreign diplomats have also been barred from entering the courthouse in the northern city of Tianjin.

Some activists gathered outside the court, shouting slogans or holding up signs supporting Mr Wang, before being pulled away from the scene by security officials.

Mr Wang is accused of subverting state power. Court documents say he worked with Swedish activist Peter Dahlin and others to “train hostile forces”.

Mr Dahlin, who worked in a legal aid organisation, was detained in China in January for three weeks, before being deported.

Amnesty International researcher Doriane Lau said the scheduling of the trial, on 26 December, appeared to be a “deliberate” decision by the Chinese authorities.

“Obviously a big part of the world will be having a holiday and will not be able to respond,” she told AFP.

Yes. It is harder to get people to care about something that is none of their business and affects them not at all when they’re on holiday.

Assuming you believed that this is all real, not a spook operation to trick the Chinese into overthrowing their government in support of a foreign power, and the Chinese actually genuinely want to agitate for a foreign power – what difference would that even make?

Chinese people as a society value justice, stability, freedom and peace for the nation as whole over catering to rebellious individuals. That is a valid moral position, which has roots in the West as much as in Asia. In fact, the concept of “human rights” is very new in the West and the concept of civil rights is relatively new.

How would you justify deciding what is right and wrong for a foreign society to do to agitators, based on something as abstract as ethical theory?

Furthermore: ostensibly, the United States argues that political dissidence is allowed in this country. However, we have seen with the criminal charges against innocent people including RAM, the Proud Boys, others who attended Charlottesville and James Fields, that this claim is false.

I have said before and I will say again: I would much prefer to live in a society like China where the rules are clearly outlined, and you know when you are doing something that is against the rules, where all of it is public for the people to see. This is much, much preferable to the present system in America, where no one knows where the line is with regards to what you are allowed to say and believe in order to not be targeted with fake criminal charges and imprisoned.

And yet, people in this society apparently believe that it is their duty to force this system onto others, because it is perfect.

Just how decadent and self-righteous do you have to be to declare that any and all systems of government and systems of arranging a social order other than your own are “immoral”?

How could an individual who lives in a society ever begin to judge the fundamental values of a different society?