After Offering $100 Million, Jewish Oligarch Sheldon Adelson Gives Virtually Nothing to Trump

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
September 21, 2016


Las Vegas casino bacilli Sheldon Adelson has time and time again offered a $100 million dollar bribe to Donald Trump, in conjunction with a public endorsement that he thought would grease the wheels. Yet the Jew who spent $90 million dollars on the lemon with the great haircut Mitt Romney, will only be giving $5 million to a Trump affiliated PAC (led by former fierce Trump opponent Joe Ricketts, which is suspicious and probably has more to it than meets the eye) due to Trump’s reported indifference towards pleasing him.


It should be noted that Trump is the first major party front-runner in recent memory who hasn’t gone to Israel to interview for  the job of President of the United States. While Trump has repeatedly tried to engage with Israel and Jews in a way expecting mutual respect like in his firm but diplomatic visit to Mexico, but Jews will not stop calling him Hitler until he shows them full submission, with the Jerusalem Post reporting Adelson has repeatedly told uppity Goy Trump to show more “humility.” As someone who built his fortune in New York City real estate, it is certain beyond a reasonable doubt that Trump knows Jewish money always comes with strings attached.

According to a recent piece by the New York Talmudic Times, Adelson has responded to the insolent Trump by going around the RNC and Trump’s Super PACs and instead giving $40 million to Senate and House Republican coffers run by familiar “principled conservatives” like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. The goal may be to contain the anti-globalist revolution within the GOP, and ensure the same old sell-outs get re-elected to help Democrats in Congress block Trump’s policies.

Politicians as puppets is an old cliche, but this guy literally looks like a puppet

Politicians as puppets is an old cliche, but this guy literally looks like a puppet

The Jewish plutocrats who opened their wallets for Romney in 2012 have either refused to fund Trump, or given him pitifully small donations, in stark contrast to the hundreds of millions of dollars they wasted on polished turds like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio during the primaries. It is noteworthy that most of Trump’s campaign money comes from small donors (in other words, from the people) as was the case with Bernie Sanders. I would expect America’s Jewish oligarchy to begin re-thinking what they’re doing as the election draws near and Trump’s chances of winning look better and better, because when a willful and charismatic Gentile rises, Jews who refuse to at least temporarily retrench and become more humble themselves end up getting Putin’d.

Whatever his faults, and whatever comes out of his presidential bid and/or presidency, Trump is probably the first person in American history to hold the experience (in the piranha tank known as Manhattan real estate) and power of personality to outmaneuver Jews, a kind of experience needed more than ever today. Even the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion posit the idea that Jews are powerless in the face of powerful historical personalities–all they can do is engineer social conditions to make sure as few of them arise among the hated Goyim as possible.

And for that reason, expect Adelson’s down-ballot Republican contributions to go to “Never Trumpers” like Jeff Flake, Kelly Ayotte, and so on.

Trump   Smile

Editor’s note: The fact that Trump is refusing to do what this Jew wants him to do for the $100 million proves what we’ve said from the beginning with regard to Trump’s AIPAC speech and various bits of pro-Israel rhetoric – it is about making Evangelicals feel comfortable, not about securing support from powerful Jews, something that Trump was always aware was impossible. The Trump message to Jews began as and has remained “you won’t support me because I don’t want your money.” -AA