Jewish Voodoo Transforms Mr. Clean into Dirty Dindu

Daily Stormer
February 4, 2017

Is nothing sacred to these Jewish warlocks?

Let me be clear. Mr. Clean is not a Negro.

I repeat, Mr. Clean is not a negro.

Procter & Gamble want you to believe, for some reason, that Mr. Clean is a Negro.

I blame the Jews.

Austin American-Statesman:

Mr. Clean just got a makeover.

Atlanta native Mike Jackson is the new face of Mr. Clean, having won a national competition as the man who best embodied the bald, earring wearing icon that has represented Proctor & Gamble’s Mr. Clean all-purpose cleaner since the 1950s.

The company said Jackson will fill in for the popular image of Mr. Clean while he is on “vacation.”

Well, at least it sounds temporary…

The fact of the matter is, Mr. Clean cannot be black. As a species, blacks are feral and filthy, and this can be easily proven with a short drive through any black neighborhood, from Detroit to Johannesburg.

First, Detroit:

Then, Johannesburg:

See, they are filthy, filthy, filthy. Why would you take cleaning advice from people who’s neighborhoods make the money enclosure at the local zoo look like a sterilized surgery room? It’s a mystery to me.

When Mr. Clean is a respectable White gentleman, he can help the old ladies with their chores and not rob or rape them. Why would you change that?

You see, Mr. Clean was a well-spoken, modest, hard-working White man, who showed the old lady an easier way to make the floors shiny, and all is well.

But just look at what happened when Mammy Two Shoes was left in charge. The house got destroyed nearly every damned day!

There’s no way Mr. and Mrs. Joe Six-Pack are gonna invite some grinning gorilla into their home on the pretense of making it clean. That would just be retarded!

Mistuh Clean, yo ass done come a long way, mah nigga!

As I stated earlier, this is temporary. I think it was a trial balloon, but it seems The Trump Effect has kicked in yet again! They’re having a big new ad campaign featuring Mr. Clean and White women who are totally hot for him, and guess what?

It’s good ol’ White Mr. Clean.

All is well, comrades. Carry on.