Jews Admit Belgium is a Failed State

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 28, 2016

ISIS Flourishes in Failed States: Syria, Iraq, Libya and Now Belgium - Israel News - Haaretz

Whoops, goyim! Looks like importing millions of Moslems to live on welfare in your country actually doesn’t work! Sorry, goyim, sorry! No one could have predicted that this would be a problem, goyim!

The Israeli Jew news site Haaretz is now openly admitting that Belgium is a failed state, due to multiculturalism.

Surely, there was no way the Jews could have predicted this would happen when they pushed for the importation of millions of poor third-world Arabs to live on welfare in ghettos in the country.

Don’t blame the Jews for this, stupid goyim. They were just trying to help you not be so filled with hatred.

And it would have worked out fine if you just would have had better security or whatever roflmao.

Because goyim – listen to me here, goyim – Moslems are totally peaceful people and after all just humans. But if you don’t have a gigantic Orwellian domestic spying program to watch every move they make, they will start murdering people randomly on the streets.

But who’s fault will that be?

It will be your fault, goyim. You should have known you have to spy on Moslems to keep them from killing you.


It may be hard to notice under Brussels’ daily prosperous exterior but it really shouldn’t surprise us that Belgium has become what one veteran European Union diplomat who has lived for twenty years in the city describes as “the weakest point in the EU’s security network.” Belgium may seem like an island of stability in some ways; after all, only five years ago it functioned perfectly well for 589 days without an elected government. But political paralysis on the federal level, caused largely, but not only, by the country’s division into two main groups, the Flemish and the francophone Walloons, can make it very difficult to maintain national security agencies, which need increased funding in such a period and have to undergo radical policy changes to face new threats.

You see: it’s just common sense.

Arabs blow people up because the Flemish and the Walloons can’t stop arguing and get it together to develop a massive program to spy on everyone.

This is how Belgium has reached the point where it is fighting ISIS while the law doesn’t allow police to carry out raids at night or hold terror suspects for over 24 hours, and where even when they received specific warnings on attacks on the airport and a metro station and knew the identities of the alleged perpetrators in advance, it proved incapable of providing adequate security or apprehending the suspects.

Are you goyim stupid?

You can’t have freedoms if you want to enjoy the vibrancy of diversity in your country. You have to have laws that give police extra-judicial authority to do anything they want.

Belgium, the nerve center of Europe, is in some aspects a failed state. Its police authorities at the local level are poorly-funded, ill organized and riven with rivalry, which makes coordination difficult, and they are just as dysfunctional at the national level. And while it hosts the main pan-European institutions, they are also ill-equipped to help. The Eurocrats are efficient at enforcing trade regulations and economic policies, but near-helpless when it comes to security and emigration matters. Another member state that is in some ways a failed-state is Greece, which lacks the resources and the political willpower to do anything to stem the flow of migrants arriving on its shores and making their way into the continent. “Greece isn’t functioning on the migration issues,” says a political adviser at the European parliament.

Ha! Stupid goyim!

It’s the Greeks fault Merkel invited the entire Islamic world to Europe!

The EU can force the Greek government to adopt its austerity policies but not to close its borders. And the EU is anyway fearful of tampering with borders. After all, prosperity in Europe is largely due to open borders. If a truck carrying produce from Poland to Britain had to stop and be checked at every border on the way, it would cost billions to the European economy.

The Polish border is the same thing as the Turkish border somehow, goyim.

Don’t you know anything?

It isn’t millions of Moslem immigrants that are responsible for terrorism, it is the stupid goyim who refuse to manage these millions of Moslem terrorists.

Because we’re all just people.