Jews and Moslems are Scheming to Hound a British Public Official from Office Because She Refuses to Grant Them Special Privileges

Diversity Macht Frei
January 24, 2018

Deny Jews their privileges. Shrieks of “antisemitism” go up. And the scheming begins.

Here we have Jews and Muslims publicly conspiring to remove a British coroner from office just because she refuses to grant them special privileges.

Jews and Muslims insist that their cases be given priority because their faith requires rapid burial. Sometimes they want to “stand guard” over the body. The woman simply says that she will treat everyone in the same way, regardless of their religion, on a first-come, first-served basis. Not good enough for the Jews.

Replying to Asserson [lawyers acting for the Jews] a week later, Hassell referred to “insufficient resources” and staff shortages. She added that a member of her staff had “felt persecuted by the way you and the rabbis treated her. That is a strong word, but that is the word she used to me.”

Hassell wrote: “I have received complaints in a similar vein from my other officers and from the mortuary manager … My team have a right not to be bullied or intimidated at work.”

She announced a new protocol, the main point being that no death would be prioritised by the coroner’s office on religious grounds. She also revoked an arrangement to transfer bodies to a secure Jewish funeral home while awaiting release, rather than keeping them in a public mortuary, to allow “guarding” by family members and the community.


Jews have been harassing this woman for years. In 2015, she complained about “bullying, intimidation and the threat of violence” towards her staff; false accusations of anti-semitism against herself” and warned that the situation risks becoming “volatile”.

Now they are openly conspiring against her. The Board of Deputies of British Jews (sic) has called for her to be dismissed. The Jewish Chronicle is advising Jews on how complaints can be filed against her. Now Sadiq Khan has joined in, offering his support for the Jews.

Muslims and Jews, working together to persecute a British public official who is just doing her job by applying the rules equally to everyone.