Jews and School Officials Cry Over Nazi Joke in High School Dance Invitation Poster

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 20, 2019

Hand-rubbers have the monopoly of Nazi intellectual property and you can’t even make a joke about it without consulting them first. You know, because the hollow-cost and all that.

NBC News:

School administrators in a town outside Minneapolis are condemning as “anti-Semitic” and “outrageous” a social media post showing two students giving a Nazi salute in front of a poster that appears to make light of Hitler and Nazis.

The two students from Minnetonka High School are pictured giving the Nazi salute while in front of an invitation to a dance that reads: “Sweethearts would be a Hit(ler) w/ you, and I could Nazi myself going w/ anyone else. Be Mein? Yes or Nein?.”

According to Minnetonka Schools Superintendent Dennis Peterson, both the students posted the picture featuring the Nazi salute on social media and it was widely reposted on Facebook. After the picture came to the attention of school administrators, the students deleted it, the superintendent said.

He called it “an outrageous act by two of our students.”

This kind of image causes great sadness and pain,” Peterson said in a letter to district families. “I condemn what was done.”

The sign doesn’t even mention the Jews, it’s just a pun using the word “Nazi.” How is writing that word anti-Semitic? Or is the problem that they used German words too? Writing in German is anti-Semitic?

Everything about having an identity and a sense of humor is problematic for these kikes.

The Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas released a statement saying they are “deeply disturbed by the egregious anti-Semitic image circulating on social media.”

“We are gravely concerned about the lack of Holocaust knowledge amongst American millennials,” the council said in its statement, citing a 2018 study released by the Claims Conference that 66 percent of millennials in the U.S. did not know what Auschwitz was.

Peterson said in his statement that that although district’s teaches about the Holocaust, “it has apparently not been enough.”

We, as a community, must do an even better job of educating students about Hitler and the Holocaust,” he wrote.

Mr. Peterson… have you considered that maybe students know enough about the Holocaust and actually like the idea?

We’re seeing this kind of thing more and more, and the kikes don’t seem very prepared to deal with it. The internet has changed the rules of the game, and now the youth has access to information their predecessors didn’t. The Jews appear surprised because their social-engineering apparatus was made with the old rules in mind: papers, magazines, schools and academia, and other classic forms of content.

They’re having a hard time adapting to the times. That’s why they’re constantly trying to take over the internet.

They want to shut it down.

Even if they coordinate a massive censorship operation to shut a part of the internet down, like they did to Mr. Anglin, they’re not really in control here. They had to resort to economic censorship, which should be enough reason for you to donate and help the site grow.

If the Jews are so desperate to stop you from sending money to Mr. Anglin, then sending money to Mr.Anglin is a great way to fight them.

Figure cryptocurrencies out. It will make kikes screech.