Jews Are “The Fabric of Civilization”: Poll Shows Most Britons Don’t Know About the Six Gorillion

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 27, 2019

Did you know today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day?

OY VEY! Did you forget?!


A new poll has found that one in 20 adults in Britain do not believe the Holocaust took place.

The poll of more than 2,000 people released Sunday also found that nearly two-thirds of those polled either did not know how many Jews had been murdered in World War II or greatly underestimated the number killed during the Holocaust.

The survey was carried out by the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust. Chief executive Olivia Marks-Woldman called the results worrisome.

She says “the Holocaust threatened the fabric of civilization and has implications for us all … such widespread ignorance and even denial is shocking.”

This Jew claims the Jews are the fabric of civilization, huh? Remember there were bigger genocides than the hollow-cost, but the one that threatened the “fabric of civilization” is the alleged one that supposedly was targeted at the Jews for no reason whatsoever.

They kinda are puppeteers of our current cultural experience though, so what she’s saying isn’t absolutely wrong.

By the way, check out this Holocaust Memorial picture.

Do you see it?


Germany’s Foreign Minister Heiko Maas is warning that the cruelties of the Holocaust shall never be forgotten.

Maas writes: “We shall never forget. We shall never be indifferent. We must stand up for our liberal democracy.”

Attacking the Jews is attacking “our liberal democracy” you know?

He’s kind of right though; the current (“our”) liberal democracy is definitely a Jewish product.

Degeneracy is definitely a Jewish product.

Why don’t we “celebrate” and remember all aspects of Jewish culture and all Jewish products, huh? Focusing on just remembering when they were allegedly killed is obviously just blatantly anti-Semitic.

We have to remember more of the Jews’ doings.

It’s only fair for them that the Goyim know about everything they’ve contributed to the world.

Or… mostly everything, because Jews are very secretive and private creatures. Some things the Goyim are just not meant to know, you know?

Some other Jewish doings the Goyim already know but appear to have forgotten.