Jews Attack Chuck Woolery for Exposing Jewish Role in Communism

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
May 30, 2017

Chuck Woolery just exposed the Jewish role in Communism on Twitter. The Jews are very angry at him for this.

Former game show host Chuck Woolery recently started doing a political podcast that’s primarily geared towards boomer conservatives. Even though he’s pro-Israel, he has revealed some very uncomfortable historical facts to his audience.

A few months back he exposed the Frankfurt School as being an originator of the Marxist doctrines we see in place today. As most of you already know, the Frankfurt School was founded mostly by Jews.

He’s taken this one step further pointing out the historical Jewish connections to Communism. Here’s a few of his recent tweets.

What’s great is that he really hasn’t backed down either. He just posted this a few hours ago.

Unfortunately, he does seem to be a bit confused about the significance of his statements. Hard to say if that’s intentional or not. He just claimed that Lenin and Marx betrayed and persecuted the Jews through Communism.

In reality, it was Jews through Communism who persecuted Christians. He should really look into the Holodomor. Millions of White Christians in Ukraine died from starvation as a result of Jewish Bolshevik policies.

Despite that, Jews everywhere have been going nuts over this. He’s being accused of anti-Semitism etc.. simply for exposing a very uncomfortable historical fact.

Let’s review.

Karl Marx had Jewish lineage and had family ties to the Jewish Rothschild banking family.

It has been admitted that Vladimir Lenin had Jewish lineage.

The vast majority of Bolsheviks who took over Russia in the revolution were Jews. Even Vladimir Putin has pointed this out. The revolution was funded by Jewish bankers like Jacob Schiff who was a Rothschild agent.

Leon Trotsky a prominent Bolshevik was Jewish.

Communism is simply an extension of Judaism. This is a fact. The evidence proving this is overwhelming.

While we obviously have differences with Woolery, his tweets linking Jews to Communism are 100 percent correct. It is hilarious to see all these Jews squirming at the fact that he has exposed this. Some of them are trying to claim that Communism came from Marx’s atheism. Some are resorting to name calling. It is really quite pathetic to see the nonsense they’re coming up with to conceal the Jewish component to Communism.

Look at some of the responses Woolery has gotten.

This faggot has demanded that Woolery stop tweeting because he tweeted a historical fact.

Then you have this crazy Jew calling Woolery a Jew hater even though he’s pro-Israel. Talk about unhinged!

Hopefully more people will become familiar with these very important historical facts.

It helps explain why the world is the way it is today.

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