Jews Attempt to Annex the Moon, Fail Miserably Because of Anti-Semitism in Space

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 12, 2019

The Jews recently hatched a plot to send a rocket to the Moon. It all began when Donald Trump gifted them the Moon over Twitter last week when he tweeted: “I am signing over the Moon to the great people of Israel. Absolutely Terrific! Tired of winning yet? #MAGA.”

Not willing to risk coming off as anti-Semitic, the rest of the world did not object to Israel’s latest lucrative real estate acquisition. Furthermore, many countries donated to the space mission once they heard that it was actually humanitarian and that Israel intended to put up a Holocaust memorial on the Moon so that the goyim would never ever forget.

But seriously. Jokes aside. These kikes put Holocaust testimonials on their spacecraft to send Holocaust hoax material to the Moon.

If any aliens were to ever land on the Moon, the Jews hope to get the first word in and enlist the alien fleet in their quest to conquer Earth and avenge the 6 million.

But a problem occurred once the rocket cleared the Earth’s atmosphere.


Israel’s private spacecraft Beresheet crashed into the Moon on Thursday after being hit with problems during descent, denying the Jewish state a place in the elite club of nations that mastered a lunar landing.

“Small country, big dreams,” the engraving on the spacecraft’s body read, but those dreams weren’t destined to come true.

Beresheet’s engine stopped working around 10 kilometers from the surface, with the vehicle crashing into the Moon at a speed of over 130 meters per second. 

Initial reports seem to indicate that a Palestinian 12-year-old child with a slingshot may have been to blame for the rocket’s shootdown.

It’s hard to believe that the rocket would just crash all on its own, what with all that Ashkenazi high IQ behind the project. In fact, 9/10 Israeli scientists agree that anti-Semitism was the cause of the rocket engine’s failure, not any miscalculation by the doubleplus clever Jews who put the thing together.

Barring the Palestinian-meddling explanation, through the scientific process of elimination, we come to the undeniable conclusion that the Moon has to be anti-Semitic.

Now, it is unclear whether the Moon itself is anti-Semitic as an inanimate object in general.

Or whether it’s the people on the Moon who need to be invaded by the US Space Force and taught to love the Jews.

All we know for sure is that they’d have better luck trying to get to Jewpiter.

But actually, no. Saturn. The kikes worship Saturn. 

It’s because there’s a hexagon on Saturn and it’s part of an ancient Satanic cult ritual.

The Jews must never ever be allowed to reach Saturn, lest they open the gate of Hell and a Doom/Warhammer 40K universe gets unleashed upon the galaxy.

Never forget that the Aryan was put on Earth to stop the Jew from reaching Saturn.

That’s why we had to shoot down that rocket heading for the Moon. Everyone knows that there’s a wormhole to Saturn hidden on the dark side of the Moon. The Ancient race of Star-Kangz put it there eons ago.

That is, of course, before the White man stole their technology and forced their descendants to live on Earth, ignorant of their true powers.

This is all to say that I’m certain if we just got more black people into NASA, we’d be up there exploring the cosmos in no time. I don’t know why anyone hasn’t tried it yet.