Jews Ban and Make Homeless a New York Rabbi Who Let Mixed-Race People Join His Synagogue

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 22, 2017

A Sephardic Jew trained as an Orthodox Rabbi has been expelled and booted from his Yonkers home (owned by his congregation) after other Jews learned he was welcoming blacks and mixed race Jews into the Synagogue.

Jews refer to those who are mixed race as mamzers, which is the Hebrew word for mongrel (definitely meant to be demeaning). They are usually not welcome in Orthodox congregations, while “liberal” Jews will pretend to accept them but never actually do.

Jews always tell Western nations that the “solution” to our aging population’s low birth rate is to import vibrant people of color to take your place. They say blacks and Mexicans are awe-inducing miracle workers who solve every problem known to man, from saving a collapsing economy to paying people’s pensions!

Rabbi Viñas apparently didn’t read the footnote at the bottom of “except for Jews.” Now they’re running him out of town.

The Forward:

When Rabbi Rigoberto Emmanuel Viñas took the helm of the aging Yonkers, New York, synagogue Lincoln Park Jewish Center 15 years ago, the hope was that the Cuban-born Orthodox Jew would breathe new life into the sleepy congregation.

And over the following years the strategy seemed to work. Membership swelled, garnering acclaim from the media. Viñas brought more than 30 new families into the pews. The New York Times called him the declining synagogue’s “savior.”

The only problem? To some, the Jews coming were the wrong color — black and brown instead of white.

“They thought I was trying to racially transform the synagogue,” Viñas alleged in a federal discrimination complaint filed in May. “And they didn’t like that.”

The board has terminated his contract. Viñas is charging them with “unlawful discriminatory practices relating to his employment based on race, national origin and retaliation.” And now, the board is moving to boot Viñas from his home in Yonkers, which is owned by the synagogue. An eviction hearing is scheduled for November 15. Some synagogue members have left following the rabbi’s departure. The fate of the congregation is up in the air.

The board was initially excited about Viñas’s work in building membership, he says, but racial tensions seemed to simmer as Viñas attracted dozens of members with roots in places like Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Mexico. Some members allegedly complained about the “darkies” taking over the community. According to the complaint, the conflict came to a head with the sale of the synagogue in 2016, and Viñas’s ouster.

“They terminated him, and now they’re trying to evict him from the house that he’s been living in for years,” said Vincent P. White, Viñas’s attorney. “They’re retaliating.”

Jews will at times make certain non-Jews “honorary Jews” in areas with racial tension so as to confuse the blacks and Puerto Ricans around them, but Israel does not recognize them. They are also more willing to accept European Gentiles, either to make themselves less ugly (see their amazing gene hacks like Gal Gadot and Bar Refaeli) or intertwine themselves with a powerful Gentile family (Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump).

But in the end, the average Jew looks down on blacks more than even the most “racist” Mississippi Klansman, and most Northern blacks sense this. Jews publicly signal about Civil Rights and white supremacy only as cynical realpolitik towards the goal of disrupting white countries.

They turn fissures into craters everywhere they go. And brutally punish the few Jews who genuinely fall in.