Jews “Begging” to Infiltrate the Alt-Right

Daily Stormer
December 27, 2016

You can trust me goyim, I’m Alt-Right like you.

It’s the instinct of the Jew to infiltrate and control anything which might threaten them. Just like women, they get nervous whenever there’s places where White men exclude them.

So naturally, the Alt-Right is a irresistible target for infiltration.

That ship has sailed now, Kikes.

The Daily Beast:

The Jews Begging to Join the Alt-Right

“I refuse to join any club that will have me as a member,” Groucho Marx famously said.

“We insist on joining the club that refuses to have us as members” might as well be the mantra of some aspiring Jewish adherents of the racist “alt-right.”

A nebulous collective of internet trolls, neoreactionaries, and outright white supremacists, the alt-right has drawn widespread fascination in the wake of Donald Trump’s presidential election victory, which it helped propel. Contemptuous of mainstream conservativism and explicitly embracing white identity politics, alt-righters are in many ways the mirror image of the racial minority and “woke” liberal activists they gleefully antagonize. This likeness is implicitly acknowledged by the alt-right’s use of the term “identitarian,” a designation that seeks to politicize whiteness.

Needless to say, these guys aren’t exactly fans of the Jews. One of alt-right’s leading voices, Kevin MacDonald, has written entire books positing that Judaism is a “group evolutionary strategy” aimed at undermining white, Christian civilization.

But none of this seems to faze denizens of “The Jewish Alternative,” a newly launched website and podcast purporting to represent “The Voice of Dissident Jewry.” The alt-right, they say, is the only force willing to protect western civilization—and, by implication, Jews—from the hordes of Muslims, Black Lives Matter activists, and campus totalitarians trying to destroy it.

And who’s going to protect us against the scheming Jews, huh?


Moslems, BLM and SJW’s are only a symptom of the problem. And the cause is Jews.

No, we’re not going to “ally” with Jews to get rid of Moslems.

Joshua Seidel, one of the site’s proprietors and an occasional Twitter antagonist of mine, related in an interview that he went through a “pretty typical progression” in his politics. Starting out as a leftist in college, he became a “neocon after 9/11” before winding up where he is today as a wannabe member of the alt-right (or, “alt-light” as he puts it, acknowledging that he’s not as extreme as some of the movement’s more vocal spokesmen, who take pleasure in photoshopping Jewish journalists—including yours truly—into gas chambers).

As if we needed more evidence that the “alt-light” was basically just an “alt-kike.”

In other words, just a new flavor of Jewing tailor-made for bad-goys.

The problem is that, while Seidel desperately wants to join the alt-right club, the feelings aren’t exactly reciprocal.

That’s right.

The infiltration project has already failed.

The Alt-Right has unified in it’s common hatred of Jews, and all dissidents have been cast out completely. The Alt-Right is now just a different name for National Socialism.

And now that that’s done, we’ll do the same for Republicanism. Neocons are already defecting to the Democrats. It’s only a matter of time until the party is purged of all Jews.