Jews Blacklist Sam Hyde From Comedy Industry

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
December 10, 2016


Consider the case of Sam Hyde and Million Dollar Extreme.

After the Jew Joe Bernstein kicked off a media crusade to cleanse the air waves of the successful Million Dollar Extreme – which he deemed too critical of his tribe’s political ambitions to be allowed – other more influential Jews took the torch out of his hand and a domino effect ensued.

While their particular style of post-modern comedy isn’t for everyone, MDE and Sam Hyde specialize in satire – breaking taboos and speaking truth to the powerful in a veiled fashion, necessary due to the lack of open debate and free flow of ideas in our society. The spirit of satire is predicated on the use of sarcasm and even backhanded insults designed to undermine established authority, as seen with Moliere, who mocked hypocritical clerics and decadent nobles in 17th century France, or George  Orwell, whose works tore to shreds the dogma of his colleagues in the largely communist airless room of 1930’s and 40’s literati.

But unlike Moliere and Orwell, who both had principled defenders among the classes of people they were laughing at, none of the plethora of Jewish comedians or organizations has come out to defend the creative rights of Million Dollar Extreme. You see, Jews make goyim think satire is putting a crucifix in your vagina, fixating on your penis or in the case of the Jewlatto Eric Andre they’re so desperately trying to peddle, pulling down your pants and taking a dump on your desk in the middle of an interview.


The “Eric Andre Show,” now in its fourth season on Adult Swim

The problem is, these Jewish comedians and the Gentiles they mentor have lost their luster as crisp revolutionary airs blow over the West. At this point in history, being a leftist or Jewish comedian trying to tie in critical theory or feminism to your pedophilia or poopy joke is basically reaffirming the status quo, and thus unfunny to most people in today’s environment. That is why the first season of Million Dollar Extreme World Peace got better ratings than Eric Andre’s equivalent.

That’s why Jews rushed in to Shut. It. Down.


Jew Brett Gelman

The campaign really took off when the Jew Brett Gelman announced his decision to leave Adult Swim due to their “poor treatment” of Jews and lack of female content. Seeing as the average Adult Swim viewer is a 20 something white male, and Adult Swim is like every other network production up to its eyes in Jews, his complaints were obviously intended to create a phony controversy in the Judenpresse to mask his real intent: to mobilize his tribe to stifle the artistic creativity of Sam Hyde and Million Dollar Extreme. His announcement – an outright non-story – was picked up and given legs by his fellow free speech hating tribesmen in dozens of mainstream newspapers and industry publications, from the Chicago Tribute to The Atlantic.

Tim Heidecker, of Tim & Eric fame, supported Gelman. Heidecker is the sole Gentile involved in this campaign. Just one look at this dork and you immediately sense a spineless beta male with no principles other than continuing the flow of dollars that keep his wife from divorcing him.  This teacher’s pet fink type loves to lick the system’s yarmulke covered bald spot, and has been the object of mockery by his former fans for months, rightfully so.

Even amidst all this commotion, Creative Director Michael Lazzo, a Gentile who has been in the industry for more than three decades, defended Hyde and initially told these Jews to go to hell. Lazzo, who says he leans to the left politically, cited the need to balance extreme Left-wing ideological stuff that has aired on Adult Swim (like The Boondocks ) with different perspectives to create a truly diverse network.

On the surface, MDE isn’t any more “extreme” than certain other not-so-PC comedy, it’s very likely Lazzo didn’t even understand what the big deal was. Hint: MDE passively mocked Jewish power, and it struck an ear shattering chord regardless of how tepid and light hearted it was.

Eventually, Jews brought out the big guns. Hollywood big shot (((Judd Apatow))) – known best for his unfunny scatological films centered around autistic Jewish teenagers fretting about their sexual inadequacy – was instrumental in bullying the TBS network (which owns Adult Swim) into canceling the show, Hyde claimed in an exchange he had with Heidecker this week on his radio show. The weasel Heidecker of course denied all knowledge of this, but it was clear just from his tone that he was lying.

You can give your opinions to Tim here: @timheidecker

In the end, the large number of random individuals who discovered Million Dollar Extreme on late night television will now know America is a Zionist dictatorship. The real reason great books, spectacular music,  and memorable films haven’t been produced in recent memory is because there is no money to support artists, as it is all tied up in Jewish hands who allocate capital based on nepotism and ideological use over genuine creative talent and even profitability (Amy Schumer’s awful book comes to mind).

But this is now changing as renegades build cult followings. Love him or hate him, Vox Day has done a spectacular job with his book publishing company. The Right Stuff/The Daily Shoah is jumping every obstacle Jews are throwing their way (monetization, access to upload platforms, etc). The Daily Stormer is now a major publication.

There’s no reason why Sam Hyde and Million Dollar Extreme can’t join our massive and growing network on their own creative front. Their chances of trying to make it in the realm of system-comedy are small to none, even most medium tier comedy clubs are run by Jews.  It’s a slow arduous process, and we’re not quite there yet, but we must figure out a way to transform this from a hobby to a source of employment. In the end, all the aforementioned entities should put aside whatever differences we may have and create a single media conglomerate providing written news and satire, radio, comedy shows, book publishing, music, etc.

That’s far out in the future, but it’s not as crazy as you might think, and as Jews who control social media and YouTube continue to crackdown on dissidents, it may be necessary just so our counter-culture can survive.