Jews Claim “White Nationalism” Spreading Among Orthodox Jews

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
Febuary 6, 2017

Stranger things have happened. I just can’t think of any at the moment.

A few months back, Yair Netanyahu, son of Israel’s Prime Minister, published an accurate Alt-Right meme to underline the Jewish problem in Israel. Needless to say, he was viciously attacked.

Yair’s meme. Where’s the lie?

Unexpectedly, it appears as though Yair’s anti-Semitic Alt-Right philosophy has borne fruit and now Jews are adopting full-blown White nationalism en-masse.

I’m just not sure about the logistics of the whole thing though. Will they just hop into ovens on their own, or will a subset of the Jews be responsible for gassing the rest? Either way, this is an exciting development.

Jewish Daily Forward :

Something disturbing has been happening in the Orthodox world. White Nationalist language is infiltrating our public spaces. It’s happening in our synagogues, in our communities, in our schools and, of course, online. And those of us who see it are looking on in increasing horror.

Good going, Yair.

Yair brought forth the urgent message that Israel, like America, is suffering under a Zionist occupational government. It’s definitely time that Israelis learned of the corrosive influence of the Jews.

Now the Jews of America are awakening to this same reality as well.

There was always some racism in our communities, of course; we’d begun to address it around the time Barack Obama was elected president, when calling black people shvartze — a derogatory term for a black person in Yiddish — finally started to become taboo.

But what we’re seeing now is new. It’s different. It’s not just plain racism, or hatred and judgment of a group of people because of their skin pigment. Rather, what I and others have been noticing in our communities is the emergence of a philosophy, one that the Trump era is increasingly bringing into stark relief.

It’s the philosophy of white nationalism that justifies racism, and it’s spreading like a virus among many Orthodox Jews.

After reading this whole article, my chin was worn down to the bone. In a good way, though.

A few weeks ago, President Trump reportedly called Haiti and other countries in Africa “shithole” countries. The white nationalists crowed. “I must come to the defense of #Haiti!” tweeted Richard Spencer, a leader of the nativist “alt-right.” “It’s a potentially beautiful and productive country. The problem is that it’s filled with shithole people. If the French dominated, they could make it great again.” David Duke of the Ku Klux Klan was also thrilled. “Trump spoke Blunt, hard truth that makes PERFECT TRUTH!” he tweeted.

But they were far from alone. When I posted my dismay about Trump’s “shithole” comment on my Facebook page, I was amazed at how similar many of the pro-Trump Orthodox Jews I knew sounded in comparison with Spencer, Duke and Trump himself.

As one argued, “Option A: El Salvador isn’t a ‘shithole,’ so they don’t need 17 years of Temporary Protected Status, and migrants from there should be sent home immediately. Option B: El Salvador is, in fact, a ‘shithole.’”

Another Orthodox friend, who had left South Africa for Israel, remarked, “I’m so glad I emigrated from a shithole.”

And another frum Jew wrote, “So, how many snowflakes would like to move to Haiti?”

25 Jews in Haiti, huh? I guess their cosmopolitanism only goes so far.

Since a majority of Orthodox Jews voted for Trump, they are the only group in the United States reporting growing approval ratings of Trump — up to 71%, according to AJC. So approving are they that immediately following the neo-Nazi march in Charlottesville, Virginia, and Trump’s subsequent defense of white supremacists with the claim that some neo-Nazis are “fine people”, there was the same deafening silence from Orthodox leadership, at least at first, the same defenses, and the same parroting of white nationalist talking points.

Of course. These new “Alt-Right” Jews are fully on board with our anti-Jew agenda, so there’s no reason they’d be offended.

Case in point.

But what’s this liberal Jew’s explanation for this sudden White nationalist shift?

How this is even possible? How could Jews, any Jews, no matter their affiliation, possibly embrace white nationalist ideology?

Look to their influencers for the answer. It’s not Spencer or Duke who Orthodox Jews are parroting. Right wing Jewish commentators, some Orthodox, have an enormous impact on the right wing Orthodox community. These establishment figures aren’t in any way as marginal as Duke and Spencer, and yet, their response to Trump’s “shithole” comment was almost identical. Think of Dennis Prager who said, “Those who truly care about Africans, many of whom are terrific people, need to honestly describe the moral state of many or most African countries.” Or think of Ben Shapiro who wrote, “The argument that Trump is wrong to call some countries s***holes comes down to nicety, not truth.” Joel Pollack, senior-editor-at-large for Breitbart, warned his followers not to ask U.S. military personnel serving in Africa to describe some of those countries: “You may be disappointed.”

Oh, the sweet irony.

The Jews infiltrated the right in order to redirect the goyim away from dangerous anti-Semitic ideas. But as a result, guys like Shapiro and Prager, who have very little pull in the American Alt-Right, actually ended up with a large Jewish audience who are getting turned into Nazis.

This solves a mystery that’s been bugging me for a while: where do Shapiro et al. actually get all their views? Now it all makes sense. Their public, unwitting to them, is actually composed mainly of other Jews.

But in all seriousness, it’s not surprising that orthodox Jews, who tend to keep to themselves, would revert back to a rabidly xenophobic attitude without worrying about White people.

Jews don’t destroy our societies as part of an elaborate conspiracy of which they’re all part. Their behavior is purely instinctual, and triggered by environmental cues. In the absence of the correct stimulus (White people), especially over several generations, they’ll revert back to the next programmed behavior pattern.

Their whole psychology goes something like this:

  1. Destroy whitey using the shvartzes. If no Whitey around, then…
  2. Destroy/enslave the shvartzes. If no shvartzes around, then…
  3. Jew-over other Jews.

This is why, in the absence of non-Jews, Israel quickly turned into a haven for fraud, tax evasion and anti-social behavior. Their solidarity goes out the window unless there’s an outside group compelling them to unite.

This is exactly the opposite of the White man’s behavior pattern, where diversity reduces cooperation, networking and solidarity, while homogeneous societies bring us together.