Jews Cry Out in Pain as They Betray You

Diversity Macht Frei
August 24, 2018

Over and over again, we are reminded of the deep wisdom embedded in the old Polish adage: the Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.

Shyster lawyer Cohen has betrayed Trump. Jews are both rejoicing over this and acting all aggrieved, as if they were the victims rather than the perpetrators.

I can already hear the dog whistles. New York Lawyer. Shylock. Judas. Michael (((Cohen))).

Whether we would have chosen him or not, the President’s former fixer, Michael Cohen, who pled guilty on Tuesday to evading personal income taxes, making an unlawful corporate campaign contribution and six other counts, is a Jew. This unfortunately makes him everything many Trump cultists could hope for in terms of a traitorous villain to this story.

The slow, necessary, inevitable death of Trumpism possibly began with Cohen’s plea deal on Tuesday, and now a swath of Donald’s loyalists have Western civilization’s perennially perfect fall guy.

They are worried that Cohen conforms too closely to the stereotype of the lying, conniving, scheming, traitorous Jew.

They are even planning to monitor media coverage of the story to make sure the Jew angle is nowhere mentioned or hinted at.

Cohen has plenty to be held accountable for, but his ethnicity, faith, and family history aren’t among them. Unfortunately, for many Trumpists, it’s those latter attributes that will be the real treachery he bestowed on them.

So what’s there to do about it?

I have no real damn idea. The easiest and most immediate strategy for media outlets and journalists is to carefully assess how they describe Cohen as we move forward.

Monitoring Cohen’s ensuing media coverage, and our own depictions of him, could be one key to keeping the narrative focused on actual crimes instead of racist slights of hand.

A “shonda” is a Jew who does something shameful that the Goyim can see. Doing shameful things that the Goyim can’t see is apparently not as big a deal in the Jewish canon of ethics.

Michael Cohen is a shonda. Potentially bringing down the greatest threat to modern democracy to save your own hide does not make you a hero, nor does it retroactively erase the decade of loyalty you offered the man who evolved into said threat.

At best, he’s the hero America deserves, not the hero we need.

He exemplifies this era’s version of craven narcissism, desperate opportunism, and allegiance to nothing other than power and wealth. Those traits aren’t particular to lawyers, turncoats, or Jews. They’re endemic in our culture with no race, class, or ethnicity able to claim them solely for themselves.

But if we’re not careful, they’ll paint us with that same brush dipped in pascal lamb’s blood, we the Shylock globalist rats, because that’s what they’ve done time and time again.


Those evil goyim. They never stop pointing out facts. Why can’t they just leave our narratives intact?