Jews Defend Moslem Call to Prayer in Sweden

Diversity Macht Frei
March 18, 2018

Same old story. Europeans try to defend themselves against Islam. Jews step forward and side with the Muslims. It’s almost as if these people were engaged in some kind of conspiracy against us.

An issue has blown up in Sweden about whether Muslim calls to prayer should be banned.

According to an opinion poll, 60% of all Swedes and 96% of Sweden Democrats favour a ban.

But here come the Jews to defend their Muslim brothers.

The head of one of Sweden’s leading Jewish organizations says that indiscriminately preventing Mosques from holding calls to prayer would damage integration in the country.

Debate about the subject is starting to gather pace in Sweden after the leader of the Christian Democrats instructed local politicians to vote against allowing mosques to hold calls to prayer, following a request from a mosque in Växjö for a permit to do so. The leader of the Moderates has also expressed his skepticism.

Aron Verständig, chairperson of organization the Stockholm Jewish Community thinks the debate is misplaced, and has compared it to the way Jews were treated in Sweden in the 1700s, where there was hysteria over Jewish immigrants bringing instability to the country due to their unfamiliar customs.

“These kind of arguments have occurred throughout history. In Sweden we’ve always had them: people come here, then there are big demands placed on them in order to fit in, and that’s not something that helps integration,” he told The Local after writing an opinion piece in the Dagens Nyheter newspaper.

“Rather, what helps integration is if you say to people: welcome to Sweden, here are the laws we have, everyone must follow them regardless, but beyond that, it makes no difference if you’re a Muslim, you’re a Christian, you’re a Jew, whatever your religion is. I believe in that approach.”


Strangely, Aron Verständig’s respect for freedom of belief does not appear to extend to Swedish patriots. Last year he campaigned to have Nordfront banned from marching through Gothenburg.