Jews Do Evil in Our Name: Iranian Officials Claim They Have Evidence of America Supporting ISIS

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
June 13, 2017

Iranian General Mostafa Izadi claims to have uncovered documents proving the US and ISIS have forged an alliance behind closed doors.

For those who haven’t been following the conflict in Syria, that may sound ridiculous. But it’s equally ridiculous to see ISIS soldiers traveling in used pick-up trucks that have decals advertising an American plumber.

But Occam’s Razor tends to circumcise Jewish intrigue. Israel openly supports ISIS yet bringing this up triggers squawks of “anti-Semitism.”

Syrian-Russian-Iranian forces have been attacked by the US three times in the last month while battling ISIS. From the looks of things, President Kushner may be implementing the geopolitical proposal of the Jew York Times and Israeli think-tanks, which is to support ISIS and all other psychotic extremists against Iran, Shi’ites in general, and secular Arab nationalists. The fact that ISIS will still attack people in Europe and America is considered acceptable collateral damage as long as Jews get extra security funds and only Goyim die.

If this Iranian official is telling the truth, they should immediately withdraw from the nuclear agreement and prepare for a hot war.

Daily Mail:

A top Iran official has accused the United States of supporting the Islamic State terrorist group and effectively forming an alliance with the terrorist group, saying he has documents to prove the allegations.

Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mostafa Izadi accused the United States of supporting ISIS, saying Tehran has proof to back the claims.

‘We possess documents and information showing the direct supports by the US imperialism for this highly disgusting stream [IS] in the region which has destroyed the Islamic countries and created a wave of massacres and clashes,’ Fars News agency quoted Izadi as saying.

Izadi has not yet, however, presented the alleged documents that would prove his claims.

The Iranian official said that the alleged American support for ISIS is an instrument of ‘proxy warfare in the region’ and a ‘new trick by the arrogant powers against the Islamic Republic’.

Izadi’s claims echoed a statement made by Iran’s Parliamentary Speaker Ali Larijani on Friday.

‘The United States has aligned itself with the ISIL in the region,’ Larijani said.

This could be bluster or propaganda, but if they have the documents, they should go in front of the United Nations and show the world.

Nevertheless, The White House’s statement on the terrorist attack on Iran was disgraceful. It amounted to saying they deserved it for the crime of thinking Israel doesn’t have a right to murder and occupy every country around it.

Worse was Reagan retard Dana Rohrbacher, who lauded ISIS and recommended the US openly help them after the attack. And they call us the trolls…

Look at how edgy and aggressive they become when it comes to defending Israel and attacking its enemies. If only they had that kind of passion for defending the interests of the American people.

American elites aren’t even the worst ones. Look at how Angela Merkel, Theresa May and all the other worthless plutocrats react when muds they import into our lands butcher little children. If the victims aren’t black, Jewish or fags, they just don’t care. They read empty promises from a script then keep doing what they were doing before like it’s nothing.

Compare that to the Guardian Council at the funeral for the people who were killed in their parliament and shrine. They were visibly upset and vowed revenge against the culprits: Jews, Occupied America and the Saudis. No Westerner will ever know the feeling of having a government staffed by those who genuinely love their folk unless we take power.

Some may dislike Iran because they practice a form of Islam, but if there’s a God out there, what would he think of the evil Jews are doing abroad in our name?