Jews Do Massive Bombing in Damascus, Claiming to Target “Iranians”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 21, 2019

Jews. Jews never change.

I suppose it was predictable that as soon as the US began pulling out of Syria, Israel would start heavy bombing.

I predicted it, in fact, just as I predicted American soldiers would be killed after the announcement of a pullout. Apparently, Trump is not cracking on the pullout following the American troops getting killed in a Jewish false flag, so Israel is just going nuts with the bombs.


Syrian air-defense systems have repelled an attack in the skies over Damascus, state news agency SANA has reported. The Israeli Army said it was attacking “Iranian Quds” forces and warned the Syrian military not to retaliate.

A military source cited by SANA said that Syrian air-defenses intercepted most of the Israeli missiles before they hit targets. The source added that Israel launched guided missiles from ground and air in several rounds.

In a brief statement on Twitter, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) warned the Syrian Army “against attempting to harm Israeli forces or territory.”

Witnesses on the ground reported hearing explosions above Damascus throughout the city. Images posted on social media show bright flashes in the sky as missiles were apparently destroyed mid-flight.

Reports on social media indicated that Israel conducted several rounds of strikes over more than half an hour.

The attacks reportedly proceeded deep into the night and stopped at around 2am local time.

SANA, citing its own correspondent, reported that the missiles were flying over Lebanese territory and the Galilee Panhandle, the northernmost part of Israel, which borders Lebanon.

So, yeah.

Major Jewish terrorist attack on Syria.

Israel even bragged about it on their own Twitter account.

They announced that they would retaliate if Syria tried to block the bombings.


That’s like “we warned you that if you shielded your face with your hands while we were punching it, we would stab you in the gut.”

Only a Jew could come up with something like that – and then have the nerve to post it publicly for the entire world to see.

God, I am so sick of Jews.

One thing people may or may not know about the Jews is that they do not have a real military in the sense that we think of real militaries. Basically, they have some troops that they send in to Palestine to shoot toddlers for throwing rocks

Half of them are women.

And then they have a massive air force that the Jews who control the US government’s foreign policy gave them for free.

Otherwise, they rely on American troops or Sunni-jihad terrorists to be their ground forces.

So who knows how they’ll manage to fight a war without the help of the US and with Russia killing all their terrorists.

What they appear to be trying to do is provoke Syria to attack them on their own soil, which would result in the US being forced back into the conflict to save our greatest ally.

Jews are the only people who would ever think of using themselves as a human shield.

Maybe Trump would have the nerve to just come out and say he’s paying Erdogan to protect Israel.

By all appearances, he does appear to be largely fed-up with sending our lads to serve as Israel’s army of conquest.

Although so far, he hasn’t done a very good job of holding his ground. Just if we’re honest here, he really just has not done that at all.

So we shall see.

But Israel is lashing out now, this is something which is happening, they are very unhappy with Trump’s decision to leave the area, and it’s unclear what they’re going to do. They might even start attacking Russians again.

It all comes back to the American media, no matter how you slice it. If it were not for the power of the American media, then everyone on earth would recognize that Israel is the aggressor in the Middle East, they are the causer of problems, and it is them we should all be fighting a war against.

But instead you have America devoted to saving Israel, and you’ve got Trump afraid to be friends with Russia because he’s being accused of being a KGB agent. Both these things are purely the fault of the media, and are harming America, our people, and the entire world.