Jews Hopping Mad at Alex Jones After Poor Debate Performance with Dr. David Duke

Daily Slave
August 24, 2015

It looks as if the honeymoon between Alex Jones and his Jewish masters is over. Jews are very upset with the outcome of the Dr. David Duke interview which exposed Jewish control over many Western institutions to a much larger audience than ever before.

The Jewish community is said to be greatly dissatisfied with Alex Jones after he was intellectually massacred by Dr. David Duke on his show last week.

For years, Jones has been an asset for the Jewish power structure.  He has successfully misdirected millions of people from looking at the fact that Jews are in control of the banking system, the media, Hollywood, academia and other major centers of power throughout the Western world.  All the while he has served as a successful distributor for erection formulas and other fine snake oil related products.  This has made many a Jew merchant happy.  Furthermore, his Jewish wife, Jewish kids, Jewish sponsors and Jewish guests have pretty much forced him into the role of a Jewish propaganda asset.

Just a few of Alex's Jewish allies.
Just a few of Alex’s Jewish allies.

Even though he has served the interests of Jews for many years, it looks as if that honeymoon might finally be coming to an end.  Jones, who has an ego about the size of the Good Year blimp, got himself into trouble by shooting his mouth off at the prospect of debating historian and researcher Dr. David Duke.

Jones thought he could easily win a debate with Dr. Duke by calling him mean names, but he was sorely mistaken.  Dr. Duke is an intellectual heavyweight who has written several books and produced an endless amount of material on the subject of Jewish power.  As many of you already know, the interview did not go well for Jones.  Jones and his Jewish producer Rob Jacobson were forced to bury material related to the interview due to the embarrassment it was causing.

Israel Shalom Cohen of the Israeli Mossad had the following to say about what is now being referred to as the Jonestown Massacre.

“Oy vey!  It is like another Shoah what happened with the Alex Jones show.  We do not know what Alex was thinking.  It was bad enough that he had Dr. David Duke on in the first place but to let him talk for minutes at a time and expose the fact that we Jews are in control of so many things is a complete outrage!”

“We honestly don’t know what to do now.  His pro-Jew media operation has been totally compromised and exposed.  Just look at all of the anti-Semitic comments underneath his articles and videos.  This could lead to a second Holocaust so we at the Mossad are monitoring this situation very closely. “

When pressed on if the Jews would consider giving Jones asylum in Israel to escape all of the angry White Americans who view him as a traitor to his own people,  Cohen replied with the following.

“We were always willing to give Jones asylum in Israel providing him and his Jewish family a Tel Aviv beach house.  Unfortunately in light of recent events we no longer believe we can honor this arrangement.  He has become much more of a liability than an asset for us Jews.  If the fat man would have just kept his ego in check and not interviewed Dr. David Duke this could have all been avoided.  Since so many goyim now know that Jones has been lying to them, it looks as if we may just have to shut it down.”

This clearly must represent a new low for Mr. Jones.  Not only has he alienated much of regular audience, but Jews who have supported his propaganda operation are also turning against him.  The only thing that could save Jones at this point is if he mans up and apologizes to his audience for lying to them and begins exposing the Jewish power structure.  Unfortunately, it is doubtful that he will do this since he’s already married to a Jewish woman and has Jewish children.  It looks as if it may finally be over for Jones and his disinformation empire.

Meanwhile, The Stormer Troll Operation against Jew Wife Jones continues.


  1. 10000 Fearless Men – Louis Farrakhan “Million Men March”

  2. Your article is FUCKING SICK.
    PLEASE SHOW ME where this “Mossad agent” ACTUALLY SAID those things – SOURCE and LINK, please?
    IF you cannot source that quote from your “Mossad agent” then you are only LYING to your readers! and to just MAKE THAT SHIT UP …. IS just FUCKING SICK and DESPICABLE!!!!
    I am TOTALLY against Zionism and Synagogue of Satan as well, but i am no fucking white supremacist — NOR do i appreciate you people using the Jews’ SAME TACTICS of LYING and making shit up, either!

  3. There was no first holohoax, so how could there be a second?

  4. Alex’s point about avoiding a race based explanation of all the problems in America that he speaks of has an obvious flaw. If the problem was not based upon Jewish supremacy the Jewish held news sources would discredit all these leftist, communist, socialist policies in favor of “free markets.” But because all the encroachment on the constitution and bill of rights, and crime and drugs and gender confusion and social decay is not attacked by the mass media shows that the mass media is in favor of those policies. And as Dr. Duke says, and it is undisputed that Jews do own the mass media and Hollywood, where all these socially destructive trends could be resisted, rather than advocated and encouraged and created, if they did not agree with it for the divide and conquer aspect of it. But we have to admit Alex Jones is way out in front of all other media to let Dr. David Duke speak his mind. What a breath of fresh air!

  5. Christopher Cannibal'King Stud

    why do you guys write these stupid troll articles? really, link up some real quotes from somewhere. this is like the old days of only not funny.

  6. Fake quotes supposedly from Mossad?

    This is is dumb.

  7. Jones married a jew so there you go

  8. Politisk Ukorrekt

    Alex Downs heading down…

  9. Alex Jones has done massive damage for decades ,protecting the Jews with his “Nazi/German” death cult -“its just like Hittttler ” ,”Arabs own Hollywood ” rubbish.
    His script written wholly by Jews,and 8 million per annum checks.

    We must keep up the assault on him. Thank you Andrew Anglin, and David Duke.

  10. John Cougar FEMAcamp

    Leonard Horowitz can’t stand Alex Jones, they’ve been enemies for a long time. And Steve Schenk doesn’t really advertise with Alex Jones anymore. Otherwise, it’s chock full o’ jews. One jew you missed who used to advertise with Alex was Jonathan Lebed and his ‘National Inflation Association’ which was a subscription based ‘pump and dump’ scam. Google that. There’s a good story there.

  11. I know I already posted this on one of the previous articles. But this is really worth showing. This shows how rude and arrogant Alex Jones is to Michael Delaney of ProThink. Please download the video and reupload it. Also Andrew Anglin, please embed this video on one of your new articles when you talk about Alex Jones. Thanks

  12. Apparently Rabbi Ari Blutzucker has recorded this and it is a hit song in Israel…

    Me and Mr Jones we got a thing going on
    He knows that  its wrong
    But he sure ain’t gonna tell the truth now

    You see everyday to get his pay
    He cries wolf and he acts like he cares
    Through his rants he’s helping with our plans
    For a world with the white people gone

    Me and Mr, Mr Jones, Mr Jones, Mr Jones Mr Jones
    We got a thing going on
    He knows that it’s wrong
    but he sings our song just to get those shekels

    He’s gotta be extra careful
    That they don’t see the holes in his lies
    That he’s controlled opposition
    and he sold his soul to kikes

    Me and Mr, Mr Jones …

    Well, it’s time for him to be leaving
    He cant help us ‘cos his cred has died
    He tried to hide the white genocide
    But the goys got wise when the duke took him on

  13. The fatso,s been missing for a few days,must be hitting the drugs and booze hard.

    • Likely cucumber margaritas at Chuy’s with a handful of Farmacia ‘ludes from Matamoros… let’s face it — his “Dick Pills” are contrabanded from the border badlands.

  14. I thought Jason Bermas was Greek? Can anyone confirm him being Jewish?

    (the “collage” picture wasn’t on DailySlave when I commented.)

  15. Last call for the Jonestein express to Israel. The $hoa i$ over.

  16. Dr Duke should get McAdoo for a prize after that. He won her fair and square.

  17. Someone else who needs to be trolled is Dr Joseph Mercola.

    He’s banned numerous accounts of mine for mentions the jew and most of the comments on his site are kikes.

  18. The big fat man simply collapsed.If you listen to his show he is just lambasting on how though he is, that he would fight to the death for freedom,that he is a 100feet tall libertarian titan and just that little interview deflated him to a tiny Tartuffe that he is.He was forced by someone to put that video down.He yielded to pressure.He betrayed his so called ideals in an instant.How can anybody trust this man on anything ? And that he had to put the video down is THE proof that the Duke is right 100%.I cant remember that he had done that ever in the past.Even his catastrophy talking to Webster Tarpley on election day is still on.Right on fat man, you now know that this is the topic that gets the knives out and turn ugly.Nobody cares about your Bilderberg or Shapeshifters.

  19. LOL. Mel Karmazin looks like he needs a good slap accompanied with a pair of cuffs and a one way ticket to the Middle East.

  20. Gas-chamber-hoax

    The “Liver cleanse” is a scam. I actually dont think Alex realizes it but if your gallbladder were to start ejecting stones through that increasingly tiny duct you would be on your way to the hospital for an emergency operation. The balls of cholestrol that come out of your ass after drinking a cup of Olive Oil are just balls of undigested oil.

    • He still has the cock pills. I think David Duke must have had a hand full before that interview started. Hopefully Alex had one of his Jews help him out with Vaseline to give him a slippery back tunnel. He’d have to sleep on his front for a long time to get over a serious Duke’ing like that.

    • What about iodine?

      • Gas-chamber-hoax

        Iodine is good. The other nutrients he offers are good. I haven’t ordered them but they seem really good.

        • I can vouch for the OxyPowder. My girl used it, massive cleanse and lost some weight.
          Shill or not, some of the supplements and the water filters are actually good products. Dr. Group is actually very knowledgable on health, chemistry, and healing topics.
          And as for the iodine, we are absolutely deficient in it, it’s a proven cleanser, and your brain thrives on it.
          I have the documents!

    • Actually, the liver cleanse works. My mom had severe inflammation of her liver for years and no doctor she went to was able to diagnose or cure it. They just told her to eat less fatty foods. She has been in constant pain everyday. The liver cleanse made her puke up all the bile and toxins stored in her fatty cells of her liver, and she also crapped out lots of stones. Since the cleanse, she says her pain has lessened significantly and the swelling / inflammation has dramatically decreased.

      It’s just that Jones doesn’t sell the 3rd product that has to be used with “Liver Shield” and Oxy-Powder. If you go to Dr. Group’s website, he has the entire kit for less cost than on the Infowars store…

      • Hepatic steatosis isn’t hard to diagnose. All one needs is either elastography or a CT scan. Treatment isn’t particularly difficulty either. Lose weight, stop drinking ETOH and if that fails start taking a statin and a sulfonylurea. there are no “fatty cells” in your liver and bile certainly isn’t stored in these mythical fatty cells. The hepatocytes can become steatotic where they store lipid droplets…

        You’re a dumbass and so is your mom. Tell her to go get a cholecystectomy and move on with her life.

  21. fake Catherine Burns

    You all see me expose the infowhore Mc Boobies? I have some other linked in profiles I think but they unfriended me after that stunt.

  22. Looks like an Incogman image. Too bad credit was not given. He usually has his mark on the lower right corner.
    I think Jones is finished, his followers – like them or not – are truth seekers, mostly White. He did very poorly in the debate and his cover up should raise eyebrows amongst his base.

  23. Duke did a great job. Alex Jones knows the definition of “Goyim” a word Duke mentioned.
    More “Global Elites” that are simply Jews… today and throughout the 20th century:
    Gentlemen Bankers
    By Susie J. Pak -Page 275
    Solomon Loeb, Jacob Schiff, Abraham Wolff, James Loeb, Felix M. Warburg, Otto H. Kahn, Mortimer L. Schiff, Paul M. Warburg, Jerome Hanauer, Gordon Leith, George W. Bovenizer, Lewis L. Strauss, William Wiseman, Fredrick Warburg, Gilbert Kahn, John Schiff …

    Edith Cavell
    William Wiseman also contacted German Max Warburg’s brother Paul, the Jewish head of the U.S. Federal Reserve. Thousands of Germans wrote letters to their government demanding that Edith be released. Americans wrote to the British Red Cross; but the head of the British Red Cross was Robert Cecil, reportedly a Jew. Edith was eventually shot.

    • Naah, honourable Welshmen like Alex Jones never lie, so if he says Solomon Loeb, Jacob Schiff, Abraham Wolff, James Loeb, Felix M. Warburg, Otto H. Kahn were power-mad Methodist, lay-preaching Technocrats, then it must be true!

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