Jews Launch Bombing Campaign on Syria

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 30, 2018

Seems like a lot of people getting killed by Jews these days.

Not really very good PR for an already hated race of ratlike monsters.


The Syrian army said ‘enemy’ rocket attacks struck military bases belonging to Syrian President Bashar Assad, Syrian state TV reported. A report on a Syrian newspaper facebook page attributes the attack to the U.S. and Britain. Media outlets affiliated with the Syrian opposition claim 38 government soldiers were killed in the strike in Hama, with an additional 57 wounded. On Monday, Iran’s ISNA news agency confirmed 18 of its fighters were killed in the strike.

Sources in Syria reported explosions in military bases near the districts of Hama and Aleppo on Sunday night. Some Syrian media outlets associated with the Assad regime claim Israel is responsible for the attack.

Who else?

The West always announces their attacks on Assad.

The targeted bases were manned by the Syrian army as well as Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, and housed several rocket warehouses, according to the Lebanese newspaper Al Akhbar. The report adds that several dozen were wounded and evacuated to nearby hospitals. According to the report, Bunker Buster missiles were used, which makes it likely the launch was airborne.

In the past, several critics have associated Al Akhbar with the Iranian-backed Shi’ite movement Hezbollah, as well as the Assad regime. 

Some reports are saying the strikes could have come from American or British bases in Jordan, but if that were the case, Trump would announce it.

Plus I’m not really expecting Trump to do any more of this stuff. At least until next April.

What Russia needs to do is continue to use this as an excuse to move high powered modern weaponry into the region. That is what Syria needs. Iran needs protected as they build a war machine capable of taking down the Jews.