Jews News Quadruples as Jewish Media Rushes to Shove Shooting Down Goyim Throats

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 28, 2018

Google News used to be my favorite newsfeed. For most of the history of the Daily Stormer, it was my main feed as it allowed full customization. In the last year, they have removed all of the ability to customize it, rendering it almost completely useless – it is literally worse than Reddit.

Anyway, I still check Google News a couple times a day, just out of habit.

This morning, the entire “Headlines” (top stories) column was filled with stories about the Synagogue shooting.

You can see that that top block is expanded to include multiple articles on the same topic. Generally, whatever the top American news story is is only in that block. Very rarely do you see the same story in two blocks of the top four. The only time I have ever seen all four blocks filled with the same story is when Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election.

The ranking of the news is determined by an algorithm, which I suspect is relatively accurate, bases its judgements on what media sites are focusing on. The media is really, really hyped up about this synagogue shooting. Presumably, the reason for that is that the media is entirely controlled by Jews, and they believe this is a chance for them to grab power.

The flip side of that is that people are going to get tired of this real quick if they keep pushing it this hard. Mass shootings happen in America all the time now. In the last year we’ve had 14 mass shootings with a death count of 5 or more. Just over a year ago, we had the biggest mass shooting in American history in Las Vegas – that did not ever fill all four top spots on Google News, by the way.

Jews pushing this shooting as unique is going to confuse and instinctively anger people. They don’t understand that Jews control the media, or that the Jews are behind trying to shut down free speech, let alone that Jews fundamentally view themselves as a godlike master race. However, on a fundamental human level, acting like this shooting matters more than other mass shootings is going to feel unfair.

Whether they want it or not, people are about to get a very big red pill on the Jews and their vicious, unending whining.

Though I’m overall pretty frustrated with this situation, that is a major plus.