Jews Now Offering High Interest Loans for Blacks to Buy Overpriced Sneakers

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
May 4, 2017

There’s no shortage of dumb ways black people use their money, and Jews have found a way to intensify this already lucrative enterprise. Whether it’s (((Marc Ecko’s))) (nee: Milecofsky) overpriced urban nig-wear or cheap, low-quality Georgi vodka (distributed by Star Industries, whose CEO is Martin Silver) sold in ghetto liquor stores, Jews have mastered bringing out the worst tendencies in blacks and making a buck off of it.

A new, yet old, Jewish scam has been devised for the black fascination with three figure (or four on eBay if they’re ‘limited editions’) basketball shoes. The usury company is called “Affirm,” and for a 10% interest rate, they will “help” you finance a pair of colorful $300 dollar shoes on credit.

If this catches on, it will naturally raise the price of all types of consumer goods and force you to take their loans, just like high-interest mortgages have made the American staple of buying a home a potential lifetime trap.


In February 2013, Max Levchin launched Affirm — a point-of-sale (POS) lender that would provide creditworthy millennials, who lacked credit cards and credit scores, the ability to buy and finance items from online sellers at checkout.

Today, Affirm is announcing its one millionth POS loan and celebrating all of the milestones that he and the Affirm team have accomplished since: 900 merchant partners for which Affirm says they’ve increased conversions 20 to 25 percent, customers (36 percent of them) who return to the same retailer to spend more (82 percent more), increased basket sizes (some 35 to as much as 84 percent) and the consumer financial empowerment — Affirm CEO Max Levchin told Karen Webster in an interview before the announcement — that comes with having complete transparency into the “total cost of ownership” of those loans and control over their money.

Now four years and one million loans later, Levchin and Affirm are taking their founding principles and mission to another level — to an entirely new set of customers.

This organization is purposely targeting blacks for these small-time loans. A few black publications are writing about this, and you can tell they’re angry about it. Their reactions are interesting, but black media like “The Root” is run by Jews (it is a subsidiary of Univision, run by Israeli Haim Saban) so they’ll never tell their audience the full truth about what’s going on.

The Root:

Annual percentage rates and monthly notes that are usually only rolled out when you’re looking to buy a house or a car—you know, big-ticket investments—are now being used to hook those who want to finance a pair of high-priced jays. Something about this feels both ingenious and predatory.Payday jays.

America has a long credit history. We are a country built on borrowing, and whether it’s slave labor or Russian money (I’m looking at you, President Vladimir TrumPutin), our history is sordid and corrupt. But everything about a teen’s desire to own the latest, dopest, most exclusive sneakers and paying a note for those shoes is fucking weird. Like, really weird.

It works like this: Say a shoe costs $300. A kid can pay as little as $26.37 a month to own said shoe, and just like cars and houses, said shoe comes with an interest rate of about 10 percent. No word on what happens should the teen default on the loan, but this shit is happening, and it’s real.

Looks like a company, Affirm, allows stores to offer its services as an option to buy. Once a company has approved Affirm as a method of payment, a customer, who might just be window-shopping for some Air Jordan Fragment 1s or the KAWS Jordan 4s, can see what a monthly rent-to-own payment breakdown might look like.

Affirm, which is going around presenting their “product” as a service to “underprivileged and underserved communities” is more or less staffed by a bunch of kikes and white liberals, with a sprinkle of generally amoral middle-man minorities (Asians and Indians). Overseeing the whole operation is the CEO, the Jew Max Levchin.

It is in the vested interest of all races to overthrow the Jew as exploiter.

It is time for the blacks of America to stop taking out their problems on the most defenseless of white people, and start paying more attention to their real enemy. The Jew selling his predation as philanthropy is not new, and cannot survive the spotlight.

More and more Goyim know. Which is why the Jews are trying to shut down our publication in response to increasingly common remarks against the barely hidden enemy.

“Why Grandma, what a great big nose you’ve got!”