Jews Offer Interest-Free Loans – Goys Need Not Apply

Daily Stormer
September 4, 2016


Does it feel good screwing over the goyim, Jews?

Screwing people over with usury may be immoral, but (((economists))) tell us it’s good for the economy or whatever. So anyone advocating “interest-free banking” is just some unrealistic fool.

Attempting to implement this concept is severely misguided.

Unless you’re a Jew, of course.

Hebrew Free Loan:

Hebrew Free Loan provides interest-free loans to Jewish individuals in Northern California to fulfill a variety of financial needs. Our loans support individuals who are overcoming challenging financial situations or realizing life dreams.

Those seeking loans must complete a process which includes meeting in person with a Hebrew Free Loan staff member and obtaining a guarantor or a security agreement.

monster mohel

This good rabbi will “check” to insure your “Jewishness.”

So, these Jews are providing interest-free loans… to other Jews, of course. And they will have to check in person to insure you’re truly a Jew.

Maybe there’s a DNA test?

I dunno.

Surprising that this kind of racial discrimination is allowed in this era of equality, don’t you think?


Can you imagine they would deny Bobo a loan because of the color of his skin?

No, but seriously though.

Usury is definitely immoral. It used to be considered a sin, in fact, before the church cucked out.

The whole of the Jew-system – central banking, fractional reserve banking, interest, debt-based currencies… All of it will have to be thrown out along with the Jew.

It should take all of five minutes to figure out something better though, so I wouldn’t worry about it.