Jews Organizing All Weekend in DC to Counter-Protest “Unite the Right 2” Shitshow

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 11, 2018

The Jews, with their priests in the media, are really making hay of this whole ordeal.

The issue is going to be that very few people are going to show up to the rally, and will be met with a huge number of counter-protesters. They will be outnumbered possibly as much as 20-to-1.

And the media is really going to mock that.

This sort of thing has pretty much killed the Alt-Right brand. I think that after Charlottesville, when I said that we should simply be “nationalists,” because that is a permanent concept that cannot ever really fall apart due to the behavior of individuals in the way that a branded political movement can, people attacked me.

But I hope maybe that is starting to make more sense now.


Jewish groups in the Washington, DC, area launched a weekend of counterprotests and teach-ins ahead of a planned white supremacist commemoration of the deadly march last year in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington and the Anti-Defamation League joined a number of interfaith groups on Friday in leading a teach-in at Washington Hebrew, a Reform synagogue in the city’s Northwest sector. Counterprotesters came from across the country and filled the synagogue’s large sanctuary.

Also helping to organize the teach-in were Reps. Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-DC., the district’s nonvoting Congress member and a longtime champion of black-Jewish cooperation, and Jamie Raskin, D-Md., the Jewish congressman representing Maryland’s Washington suburbs.

“In the end, it doesn’t matter whether the Unite the Right organizers bring 10, a hundred or even a thousand people to our nation’s capital for their hate fest,” said Ronald Halber, the JCRC’s director, at a news conference attended by clergy from various faiths. “They have accomplished nothing except being a stimulus for a reaffirmation of unity, love and solidarity throughout our city and region — the exact opposite of what they hoped to inspire.


Except that wouldn’t be the case if they had 50,000 people. And a popular figure to rally around. And a popular and well-understood goal.

But we’re a long way from that.

A racial grievance march – also known as tantrum activism – has never had a positive effect.

What are these people going to DC demanding? What is their purpose? What is even going on?

Why it is going on? 

These events simply harm our ability to get to where we want to be, by making people who hold these ideas look like a bunch of pathetic losers. Establishing loser status is not what you want to do.

A number of speakers drew a direct line between the white supremacists and the administration of President Donald Trump.

“We have currently an administration that unleashed these furies of hatred, unleashed these furies of divisiveness,” said Mary Cheh, a member of the Washington city council. “We have to reject them, condemn them, in no uncertain terms.”


Trump gets the blame.

Because he actually had the nerve to go to bat for us after Charlottesville – “you’re changing culture, you’re changing history.”

And we certainly did not have his back after that.

Instead we let this entire thing spin out of control into disgusting shitshow, which now comes back on him.

It’s fucking shameful.