Jews Outraged at Trump’s Decision to Not Spend More Time at HollyHoax Religious Shrine

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
May 20, 2017

Donald Trump is being lampooned by the Jewish press for a leaked itinerary for his May 22nd trip to Israel, where they say he will be committing a faux pas. The government of Israel and World Jewry have pressured him into a trip to Judaism’s most holy site in the ancient city of Jerusalem: the Yad Vashem World Holocaust Remembrance Center.

But it’s never enough because Jews perceive Trump as an archetype of the white race that needs to be impeached.


The HollyHoax is the founding myth of Israel, and all foreign dignitaries are expected to suspend disbelief in the L. Ron Hubbard-like tale of 6,000,000 people being gassed and then turned into lampshades by demonic comic book villains.

Trump agreed to take time out of his busy five-nation diplomatic tour to placate the critics and go to the museum. But he plans on spending “only” 15 minutes at the blood-libel compound, which Jews are exclaiming proves he’s an anti-Semitic “Holocaust denier”!


According to Israeli publication YNet News, Donald Trump’s advance team wants to shorten his visit to Israel’s Holocaust memorial to no more than 15 minutes, just enough time to sign the Yad Vashem guest book and deliver brief remarks alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In contrast, both President Barack Obama and President George W. Bush spent at least an hour at Yad Vashem, touring the museum and giving a public speech.

The duration of his visit—shorter than his time spent schmoozing with the New England Patriots last month—might pass unobserved were it not for the Trump administration’s already tense relationship with the Jewish community and shaky grasp on the facts of the Holocaust.

Twice in his first 100 days in office, the Trump White House had to deflect charges of Holocaust denialism. The first time came after the administration released a statement that failed to acknowledge Jews were specifically targeted by the Nazis; the second came when Press Secretary Sean Spicer referred to concentration camps as “Holocaust centers” and suggested that Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons to exterminate people.

The Trump thing to do would be to skip this ridiculous site and tell the critics to take their hoax and shove it.

On a positive note, the Israelis are overall very upset about Trump for everything from “sharing intelligence with the Russians” about the terrorist attacks the Israelis who are directing ISIS are planning, to his apparently genuine quest for a peaceful solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict (which is bad for Jews, since they want to kill all the Palestinians and take their property).

They’re attacking him from every direction in an attempt to overthrow his government. He’s got to start hitting back at them, hard. A simple TV press conference where he tells his 10s of millions of loyal followers that the Holocaust is a heavily debunked hoax would be a game-changer for someone that really wants to defeat his enemies.

But we can’t expect that from him. The best we can hope for is that our country isn’t humiliated by pictures of him led around on a leash like a cuck in a yarmulke.

The Daily Stormer Editorial Board is officially demanding that President Trump not put on a Jew hat and bob at that Jew wall.