Jews Protest Jew-Run New York Times for Publishing Anti-Semitic Cartoons

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
May 1, 2019

Jews are really pissed off that The New York Times published this very truthful political cartoon.

There’s a significant number of Jews who are very angry that The New York Times published a cartoon accurately depicting the political relationship between Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu. A group of Jews including Alan Dershowitz were so mad that they staged a protest outside of The New York Times office.


Alan Dershowitz was among dozens of protesters outside the offices of The New York Times in Midtown Manhattan who decried the newspaper’s publication of a cartoon with anti-Semitic imagery.

The demonstrators on Monday night chanted “shame on you” and carried signs reading “Anti-Israel, Anti-Semitic, NYT Guilty” and “NYT guilty of 120 years of hatred,” as well as a sign with a yellow Star of David that read “NYT, should I be wearing this too?” among others.

The image, which appeared Thursday in the opinion section of the newspaper’s international print edition, depicted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a dachshund-breed guide dog wearing a Star of David collar and leading a yarmulke-clad President Donald Trump.

The newspaper in a first statement acknowledged that the image was “offensive” and “included anti-Semitic tropes.” A second statement on Sunday said the newspaper was “deeply sorry” and that the decision to publish the image was the product of “a faulty process” resulting in “a single editor working without adequate oversight.”

Dershowitz, a former Harvard law professor and major Israel advocate, spoke at the rally and said the cartoon “is very painful for me.”

“I have written many, many dozens articles for The New York Times. … I’ve been a strong supporter of The New York Times,” he said. “But when I saw that cartoon yesterday, it just put me in mind of a very dark time in Jewish history. And I asked myself, ‘How could it have happened?’”

He added: “The only good thing The New York Times has ever done for the Jewish people is that it put a lie to the notion that the Jews control the media and use it to support their own interests.

He’s basically crediting The New York Times with helping conceal the fact that all the big media outlets in the United States are run by Jews. And his suggestion that Jews are running these operations without their own interests in mind is patently absurd. These media outlets have been a key weapon used by the Jews to help shape public opinion and advance Jewish interests. One example of this is how they sold the American people on invading Iraq back in 2003 based on bullshit lies about weapons of mass destruction. This lie was largely promoted by Judith Miller, a Jewish writer for The New York Times. And that’s just one of many examples.

But what Dershowitz is really asking is how a newspaper like The New York Times, which is controlled by the Jewish Ochs-Sulzberger family, could publish such a cartoon (this Jewish family controls over 90 percent of the stock that elects 70 percent of the company’s board).

From a Jewish perspective, The New York Times committed the football equivalent of an own goal. They inadvertently exposed an inconvenient truth about Jewish power over America and drew even more attention to it when they removed the cartoon and apologized for publishing it.

The Jew Brett Stephens penned a bizarre op-ed in the NYT demanding that the newspaper reflect on this mistake. A funny demand considering that Jews are largely incapable of self-reflection.

In his effort to do damage control, Stephens described a view advanced by the paper’s critics that, despite The New York Times being a Jew-run newspaper, they deliberately concealed reporting on the alleged Holocaust during World War II.

Stephens wrote:

For some Times readers — or, as often, former readers — the answer is clear: The Times has a longstanding Jewish problem, dating back to World War II, when it mostly buried news about the Holocaust, and continuing into the present day in the form of intensely adversarial coverage of Israel. The criticism goes double when it comes to the editorial pages, whose overall approach toward the Jewish state tends to range, with some notable exceptions, from tut-tutting disappointment to thunderous condemnation.

For these readers, the cartoon would have come like the slip of the tongue that reveals the deeper institutional prejudice. What was long suspected is, at last, revealed.

A Jew-run newspaper like The New York Times would not have concealed stories about Jews being gassed in shower rooms so they could be turned into soap and lampshades. They would have absolutely published any story to help advance the anti-German narrative. The only reason why they didn’t publish these stories during the war is because the Holocaust never happened, and the narrative about it wasn’t formed until after the war was over. By publishing this commentary, Stephens has only made this fact that much clearer.

But it doesn’t end there. The New York Times published a second cartoon of Netanyahu that has caught the ire of Jews.

They’ve been whining about it on Twitter almost as much as the Trump-Netanyahu cartoon.

All of this kvetching from these Jews should be greatly enlightening to the goyim. They literally believe that any criticism of them is anti-Semitic and can’t be allowed. They’ll even whine about cartoons that aren’t intentionally meant to be anti-Semitic that are published in a newspaper owned and run by members of their own race.

Throughout the Russiagate hoax fiasco, there’s been an endless number of unflattering political cartoons depicting Trump with Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin. Many of these cartoons were published by The New York Times. Nobody complained that these cartoons were anti-White, even though they easily could have been interpreted as such. And nobody staged protests outside of The New York Times demanding an immediate end to the publication of such cartoons.

In one case, The New York Times published a disgusting cartoon depicting Trump and Putin as homosexual lovers. By any decent set of standards, this cartoon is far more offensive than the ones the Jews are complaining about. And unlike the Trump-Netanyahu cartoon, which reveals truth, this cartoon depicts lies. Neither Trump nor Putin show any signs of being homosexuals, and the idea that Trump is an agent of Russia has been totally debunked.

This whole episode reveals how self-entitled the Jews believe themselves to be. If they were smart they would have just ignored these cartoons. But instead, they drew all sorts of attention to them and raised questions about all the subversive activities in which their race is involved.

Make no mistake, the Jews are angry – not because these cartoons represent lies, but because they represent truth. And in the mind of the Jew, the truth is anti-Semitic and must not be allowed to be seen or heard in any form.

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