Jews Shocked That Mexicans Hate Them!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 23, 2019

It is incredible that at this point, Jews still pretend to be shocked when entire groups hate them.

If I were the Jews, I would be embarrassed about whining like this.

Because when you go around whining about how the whole world hates you, the logical question for the people is: “Why does the whole world hate you? What did you do?”

But Jews themselves believe they are “hated for no reason,” so in their minds, everyone else should also take that claim at face value.

Mexico News Daily:

On a quiet Sunday afternoon in Puerto Vallarta, a family was on their way home from the store. The father was at the front gate with his arms full of groceries, and his wife was across the alley with their two young kids in tow. An American man in his 20s approached her.

“Dirty Jew,” he said.

She froze, then reached for her phone to record the incident. As she fumbled with the phone, the man advanced on her and said it again.

“Dirty Jew.”

The mother decided to retreat, and the man walked on.

The family, easily identifiable as Jewish by their traditional dress, has been living in Puerto Vallarta for the last three years.

“It seemed so out of place, because we’ve had nothing but respect here,” says the mother, who asked not to be named in this article.

However, many Jews around the world who have not suffered anti-Semitism in the past are suddenly finding themselves subject to attack. Anti-Semitism is rising globally, including in Mexico.

Worldwide, 2018 was the most lethal year for Jews in a quarter-century. The United States witnessed the worst massacre of Jews in American history in Pittsburgh. New York City reports an 82% surge in anti-Jewish hate crimes in 2019 while anti-Semitic incidents account for 72% of religious hate crimes in Los Angeles.

Last year was the third consecutive record-setting year for anti-Semitism in Canada: British Columbia saw an increase of 129% in anti-Semitic incidents between 2017 and 2018, while the Prairies showed a 143% increase. Germany witnessed a 60% rise in violent attacks against Jews in 2018. In France anti-Semitic incidents jumped 74% in 2018.

In Mexico, anti-Semitic attitudes rose 11 percentage points from 2014 to 2017, according to an Anti-Defamation League report published in 2017, the most recent data available. That means that while just 50,000 Jews live in Mexico, 31,000,000 Mexicans hold antisemitic beliefs.

They’re not “beliefs,” they’re “opinions” or “observations.”

Anti-Semitism is not a “belief.”

Fifty-six per cent of Mexicans believe “Jews have too much power in the business world,” 49% believe Jews are more loyal to Israel than Mexico and 27% think the Holocaust was a “myth” or “exaggerated by history.”

At least in 2017, the increase in anti-Jewish prejudice was not accompanied by a rise in physical attacks on Jews.

“In our day-to-day life we feel very safe,” says Rabbi Shneur Hecht, who leads Puerto Vallarta’s only synagogue, Chabad Puerto Vallarta. “But because the way things are in the world today, we need to take precautions.”

Like Jews elsewhere, the Jewish community in Puerto Vallarta has recently increased security. Just a couple of years ago, like most houses of worship, Chabad Puerto Vallarta left its doors open to the public.

Now the doors are locked. The congregation was rearranged so that the women are now seated away from the entrance. Security guards are hired for all major events, including weekly shabbat services.

As the threat to Jews mounts, many people still don’t understand what anti-Semitism is. Simply stated, anti-Semitism is a hostility to Jews. Also known as “the oldest hatred,” anti-Semitism has taken many forms throughout history, and its manifestations are often contradictory. Jews have been hated for being communists and capitalists. Jews have been hated for their religion and for being godless cosmopolitans.

Are some Jews communists and some Jews capitalists?

Are some Jews followers of a weird satanic desert religion, while others are atheists who attack the moral foundations of society?

If all of these things are true – and they are self-evidently true – then how is it contradictory to hate Jews for all of these various anti-social behaviors?

Because that is the consistent factor in Jewish behavior: it is all against the society they reside in.

Anti-Semitism comes from both the political left, such as today’s Labour Party in the United Kingdom, and the right, such as the National Rally party in France led by Marie Le Pen. The unifying theme is that Jews are the enemy of a good society.

There you go.

You got it.

Today, anti-Semitism most often takes the form of hating Israel, the world’s only Jewish state. The 2018 Global Anti-Semitism Report found most anti-Semitic attacks were related to Israel, stating “70% of anti-Jewish attacks were anti-Israel in nature.”

Smaller than Vermont and home to half of the world’s Jewry, Israel is routinely and falsely accused of the worst crimes in modern society — apartheid, colonialism, white supremacy and genocide.

“Falsely accused.”

Give me a break.

This is all publicly-available information now. We can see videos of apartheid, colonialism, [Jewish] supremacy and genocide.

Apartheid: Roads for Jews Only

Colonialism: Stealing Palestinian Land (Arguably All Stolen)

Jewish Supremacy: Beating Up Random Arabs

Genocide: Bombing Gaza Exclusively for Attrition Purposes

These issues aren’t even one of opinion – let alone of “belief.”

It is simply an objective fact that Israel engages in these acts.

They can argue that they have a “might makes right” natural authority to genocide these people and steal their land. But they can’t legitimately say that they’re not slaughtering people and stealing their land – that is simply a lie.

But a lot of people are not going to like it, whatever explanation you give, because a lot of people feel bad for a people that are getting slaughtered and genocided after having their land stolen. They especially feel bad for those people if they have brown skin.

I’m personally less concerned about what Jews do to the Palestinians than what they’re doing to my country and to me personally, and I want revenge.

But the two issues are fundamentally connected, because everything that Jews do is exploitative and oppressive, and what they’re doing to the Palestinians is just as much a Jewish behavior as promoting child trannies and mass immigration in the US and Europe.

Just as Jews are communists and capitalists, they will commit genocide with bombs or with psychological warfare – they don’t care. Their entire goal is simply to destroy.

In my opinion, Jews should be rounded up and put in camps.

And the longer Jewish behavior goes completely unregulated, the more people begin to agree with this plan.