Jews: Stop Using “Fellow White People” Because the Goyim Know

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 13, 2017

We’ve covered the “fellow white people” phenomenon extensively at The Daily Stormer, and it appears Jews are getting the word out that the Goyim know.

The “My Fellow White People/Aren’t You Jewish/You Anti-Semite!” meme has been noticed throughout social media. The typical M.O. is for a person of Jewish ancestry to preface a call to hate, attack or disenfranchise people of European descent with an appeal to “fellow white people.”

After this is done, somebody will ask them if they are Jewish, and suddenly the “open-minded” and “socially conscious” aggressor will become hyper-defensive of their real identity.

A discussion about oppression and privilege with the world’s most powerful ethnocentric group on the planet at the center is apparently off the table with the “fellow whites”!

Our friend Sam Kestenbaum – who reads The Daily Stormer for a living and reports his findings to home base (The Forward) – is now basically getting the word out to stop using this likely pre-fabricated template when engaging in hate speech against Western people now that we know.

The Forward:

It’s hard to keep up with the lingo of the “alt-right,” which morphs and adapts at the speed of the Internet. Some of the phrases are obviously bigoted, others seemingly benign.

One relatively new, particularly anti-Semitic, meme known as “fellow white people” requires some unpacking. It’s not new but has recently bubbled up to the surface again in recent weeks — and it promulgates the belief that Jews are merely “masquerading” as whites as a way to tear down the white nation from the inside.

The meme is meant to highlight what the “alt-right” sees as the “shapeshifting” and ultimately non-white nature of Jews. Jews, the thinking goes, call themselves white when they want to appeal to “fellow whites” — and call for things like immigration reform or civil rights — but also call themselves members of a minority class when it suits them.

Well Sam, is that not true?

When Apartheid fell, the epitome of a “fellow white” Jew Joe Slovo stood with Nelson Mandela and sang “Kill the Boer.”

Fast forward to 2017, and it’s the white Boer minority – incited by songs like kill the Boer – are being targeted for farm murders. Where are the “fellow whites” to advocate for them? Instead, they encourage it, or with control of the global press, pretend it’s not even happening!

Meanwhile, even though the ANC is superficially anti-Israel, Jews in today’s South Africa continue to wield veto power on what can and cannot be said about them. Suddenly they are no longer “fellow whites.”

Any murder or act of brutality against a Jew would be taken seriously in South Africa, unlike the suffering of the powerless Boer peasants. This is solely because Jews are the most affluent community in the country, and the corrupt black oligarchs fear an end to their bribes and retaliation from America if they don’t do exactly as they say. For Jews, the new chaotic and violent resource-rich South Africa is a land of milk and honey!

The question I have about the “fellow white” propaganda is whether this is being coordinated by a central nerve center, or if Jews are just all going to the same seminars teaching them how to groom whites for their South African fate.

I guess now that Jews know that the Goyim know, the “fellow white” meme will vanish overnight!

Jews have so many sins they haven’t atoned for. This “my fellow white” bullshit is simply genocidal hate propaganda to deflect from that.