“Jihad Cop” Takes Out the Trash in NYC Subway, Throws Mexican Onto Tracks

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 27, 2018


Check out this badass “Jihad Cop” going on a rampage against spic and nigger crackheads in a Manhattan subway station.

He beat several blacks and Mexicans with a bat, before throwing one onto the tracks in a brave act of random violence against minorities.

Officer Ali Syed, an Islamo-Jihadist and NYPD officer who has been labeled “Jihad Cop” and “Captain Nigger-Kicker” on the internet, is being compared by many to the hero “Blade,” who was a vampire who killed other vampires to take revenge on them for him being a vampire.

“What extraordinary professionalism and bravery by NYPD Officer Syed Ali,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Twitter with regards to Jihad Cop’s decision to rush the train station and attack random nigger crackheads with a bat.

Former NYC Police Commissioner Bill Bratton praised the attack and called for further violence against minorities.

“This is like a scene from Final Fight,” said someone from the internet, referencing the popular 1989 arcade game, a race war and domestic violence simulator which featured extended levels on a subway platform.

People particularly praised the game for its soundtrack and its accurate depictions of the satisfaction one feels from punching women in the face.

I have been saying for a long time that it’s time to bring back the arcade.

And I’ve got a great idea for a new game to encourage the children to beat random niggers with bats: I call it “Jihad Cop: Death Pact.”