Joe Biden Gives Amazing Campaign Announcement Speech Attacking Trump Over Criminal Justice Reform

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 10, 2019

As you may recall, one of Donald Trump’s single policy achievements was “criminal justice reform,” which is codeword for “letting black crack dealers out of prison.”

Joe Biden is extremely unhappy about this, and said so in his campaign announcement video (above).

Shortly after releasing the video, he barged into Congress (where he is not serving presently) and started ranting about how black criminals “must be taken off the street.”

He says it doesn’t matter why they’re criminals, but they just have to be rounded up on a mass scale and thrown in prison.

I think he might be talking about basically all black people.

I’m in the Yang Gang, but this is a very intriguing proposal.

The question that most people are going to be asking themselves as they go to the primaries is: “would I rather have a thousand dollars, or all blacks in prison?”