Joe Biden Says It’s Racist to Say Whites Exist!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 30, 2019

“Hey I’m Joe Biden! I’m old and confused! Vote for me!”

The Democrats are doing exactly what they were supposed to do and are claiming that it is a racist hate attack to say the word “White” like Donald Trump did on Monday morning.

Joe Biden has come to the rescue of the proud negroid Al Sharpton.

To be fair, a lot of Trump’s recent tweets have been racist (though there is nothing wrong with that!), but no “racist attacks” were unleashed on Al Sharpton. All Trump said was that Sharpton is a criminal and hates White people.

What Joe Biden and the rest of the sickening Jewish media is saying is that it is “racist” to say “Whites” – that simply saying that WE EXIST is an act of pure hatred.

Of course, we already knew that they think this. But the average White American doesn’t know this. They are now becoming aware of the fact that it is considered immoral and evil by the Jewish media to be White and say that you are White.

When the normies begin to realize that they are openly being told that they don’t have any right to exist because of their race, we are going to see a major shift in the discourse.

I am very thankful to Joe Biden and the rest of the shills who are playing their role so well in this unfolding mega-drama.

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