John Cena to Star in Upcoming Duke Nukem Film – Could It Potentially be Non-Kiked?

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
February 27, 2017

I mean, I can’t think of anyone better… Though Clint from LGR needs to do the one-liners.

I’ve been PC master race since I was six. So that means while the other kids were playing they Marios and Sonics, I was playing Duke Nukem on our home’s 486.

Unlike Mario, the Duke is packin’ heat.

Later on, Duke Nukem 3d was a huge hit, becoming one of the most popular games on PC for years.

Mmmhh… Can you have 90s nostalgia without being a small-souled bugman?

The thing about Duke, though, is that he’s about the least politically correct video game character out there. His whole thing is based on patrolling thots and slaughtering aliens in an awesome display of toxic masculinity.

This is like, the second level in the game, lol.

So it’s something of a shock that they’d actually go ahead and turn it into a movie, going so far as to enlist a wildly popular (and very Huwhite) WWE wrestler to play the part.

CG Magazine:

It looks like we may just get to see John Cena star in the upcoming Duke Nukem film.

Hollywood Reporter revealed today that the famous WWE wrestler is currently in negotiations to star in Duke Nukem, a theatrical adaptation of the Duke Nukem action game franchise. Initially set up by Dimension Films, the project has been taken over by Paramount.

In recent years, John Cena has steadily made a name for himself as an actor. His most recent role was in the film Daddy’s Home 2, which has already grossed over $100 million domestically. Paramount is also known for distributing a number of upcoming films featuring John Cena such as the announced Transformers spinoff, Bumblebee.

The new Duke Nukem movie adaptation will be the first we’ve seen of the rough-edged action hero since Duke Nukem Forever, released in 2011. After being stuck in development for years, the game was released by 2k Games only to be panned by both fans and critics for its dated graphics, mechanics and unpolished quality.

The game wasn’t that terrible, and something tells me critics panned it for a… different reason.

This is… extremely problematic.

Damn near every review I saw of the game whined about the “muh-soginy” in the game, which is honestly the main reason to play it.

The Duke Nukem film is still a long way off, having no director on board. Platinum Dunes, a production company led by Michael Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller will be producing the film adaptation. The company will soon be looking for the film’s scriptwriter.

It’s always dangerous to underestimate the perfidy of European-style socialists, but I genuinely struggle to imagine how Duke Nukem could get pozzed, at least without totally changing the character.

This might actually be intended as a cash grab. Filling the vacuum of non-pozzed, normie-friendly action movies can be a very lucrative business. Major Hollywood studios are almost completely abandoning this genre, foregoing money in order to push their unpopular propaganda.

If they get some goy to direct the movie and keep the Duke character intact, this has the potential to be a pretty popular movie in a genre people are starving for.