John Goodman is a Good Man: Refuses to Cuck Out

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 31, 2o18

After having continually avoided the media following the cancelation of Roseanne after she referred to a monkey as an ape on Twitter, John Goodman was caught-out picking up his car from the shop by the creepy stalkers of the kike media – in this case, Entertainment Tonight got the EXCLUSIVE harassment footage.

Goodman refused to say any cuck shit at all, although that is of course what they wanted.

Instead, he just said he hasn’t been following it.

The funniest part is he starts with “It’s not that I disrespect you guys…”

Entertainment Tonight:

John Goodman is opening up about the cancellation of Roseanne, but the celebrated actor is being cautious about his comments regarding the controversy.

In recent footage obtained by ET, Goodman was at an auto repair shop in New Orleans where he was collecting his car after repairs. The actor was reluctant to address the drama, explaining that he would “rather say nothing than to cause more trouble.”

However, the 65-year-old actor — who played Roseanne Barr’s on-screen husband, Dan Conner, on the ABC sitcom — assured fans that he’s doing OK amid the controversy, sharing, “Everything’s fine.”

The actor also seemed pretty content with ABC deciding to suspend its Emmys For Your Consideration campaign for the show’s recent 10th season, which means that none of the cast or creators would likely see any love from this year’s Emmy Awards.

“I wasn’t gonna get an Emmy anyway,” Goodman said, shrugging. “I’ve been up there [11] times already, and if I didn’t get one I’m not gonna get one.”

Goodman was nominated for 11 Emmys between 1988 and 2010 — six of which were for his role on Roseanne. Goodman did take home one Emmy in 2007 for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series for his role on the short-lived series Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

The sitcom also earned the veteran TV star five Golden Globe nominations, of which he won once, in 1993.

Goodman said he hasn’t been following the news of the developing controversy regarding Roseanne, stating, “I don’t know anything about it. I don’t read it.”

That includes rumors and speculation that the show could possibly continue in the future in the form of a spin-off, if Barr’s titular character was written off, and the focus was shifted to Goodman’s character. The actor said of the rumors, “Then you’ve heard more than I have.”

John Goodman has always struck me as a right-wing figure who just kept quite about it – like Bruce Willis – because he didn’t want to be crucified like Mel.

He’s also like, one of the only singular actors who is any fun anymore.

Recent King Kong movie was great.

I was really hoping he wouldn’t cuck on this, and give some “oh my gawd, so horrible, I disavow teh skin hate” bullshit public statement.

They are going to try to demand he does, so maybe he will eventually.

But his initial response tells us he doesn’t want to.

As I’ve predicted though… this is going to be a major flashpoint in the culture war… and both sides are going to be pushing hard.