John McAfee Says He Knows Who Hacked Sony and It Wasn’t Best Korea

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 18, 2015

John McAfee is in great shape for a smoking, drinking sex-hound pushing 70.
John McAfee is in great shape for a smoking, drinking, drugging sex-hound pushing 70.  Must be all that yoga.  Probably takes vitamins too, I’ll betcha.

International Man of Mystery John McAfee has given an interview with IBT and says that he knows who the Sony hackers are and that it was not North Korea.

“I can guarantee they are wrong. It has to do with a group of hackers – I will not name them – who are civil libertarians and who hate the confinement the restrictions the music industry and the movie industry has placed on art and so they are behind it.”

The 69-year-old McAfee indicated that he has been in touch with the hackers, adding that, like most hacking groups, its members are located around the world.

McAfee said he agreed with the reasons the hackers attacked Sony Pictures.

According to McAfee, the group attacked Sony Pictures as it is indicative of an industry which is “controlling the content of art,” adding “I’m sorry but I don’t like that myself. I don’t like it one iota.”

McAfee said he was not going to identify the group behind the attack because he doesn’t want to be a “nark” adding “I don’t mind that the North Koreans are blamed, I’m not particularly happy with what the North Koreans are doing.”

Talking about his relationship with hackers, McAfee said he has gone from being their opponent and enemy to their confidant:

“I founded McAfee Associates and they [hackers] were my enemies for years as were all other hacking groups, but over the years I began to respect their values at least, I had talks with many of them on the phone. I know many people within Anonymous, I was the keynote speaker at Defcon in Las Vegas and got a standing ovation.”

McAfee added: “I’m not saying that their methods have my approval but I am saying is that the reason they do the things that they do is valid.”

It should be noted that a man on the run from drug cartels and wanted by the Belize government for murder, McAfee – founder of the famed anti-viral software of the same name – is an IRL troll, and is probably just saying this to get in the media to promote his allegedly secure chat application.

McAfee went full-Kurtz in Belize before having to flee the country on murder charges.
McAfee went full-Kurtz in Belize before having to flee the country on murder charges.

McAfee is a degenerate madman, but also something of a folk hero for disenfranchised crazy people.  I am glad to see he is defending Best Korea, who has obviously done nothing wrong.

The US government has still produced zero evidence that they were responsible for the hacking. And even if they were, who cares? Still, I maintain the most likely thing is that the Jews did it to themselves because they understood how horrible that Interview movie was.

In related news, a “defector” from the freest country on earth recently recanted on his torture tales, saying he didn’t completely make it all up but he basically did.

Washington Post

Shin Dong-hyuk, a North Korean prison camp survivor who has become the symbol of human rights injustices suffered in that country, has changed key parts of the story of his ordeal.

Although the most horrific details, such as being lowered by a hook over a fire, still stand, Shin has admitted that many of the places and timing of events in his telling of his story were wrong, Blaine Harden, the author of “Escape from Camp 14,” a best-selling book about Shin’s life, said Saturday.

“From a human rights perspective, he was still brutally tortured, but he moved things around,” said Harden, a former Washington Post journalist who first wrote Shin’s story for The Post in 2008.

Shin, 32, has been one of the most prominent defectors from North Korea, trying to raise awareness about human rights abuses there. He also testified in front of the U.N. Commission of Inquiry, whose report has led to an international campaign to hold the totalitarian state’s leaders to account for decades of human rights violations.

With all the horrible things you hear about N. Korea, it should be obvious that they are awesome. So far, there is no evidence at all for these horrible accusations against them, save “eye-witness testimony” of soap-and-lampshades style nonsense.

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