John McCain’s Corpse Finally Stuffed in Hole in the Ground – Glioblastoma Parades Through New York on a Float

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 3, 2018

After a week of his corpse being dragged around the country, John McCain was finally led – on a cart dragged by horses – to his hole in the ground, where his flesh will rot as his soul burns in Hell.

So much for wild, wild horses not being able to drag you away, eh John?

New York Post:

John McCain was laid to rest Sunday on a green hill at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, Md. alongside the classmate who was his “wing man” and lifelong friend.

The Vietnam War hero, maverick senator and two-time presidential candidate was bid farewell in a private ceremony beside the Severn River by his closest family members and friends, along with military dignitaries and members of his academy Class of 1958.

The Arizona senator’s final resting place is the cemetery near the fields and classrooms where he and his friend, Admiral Chuck Larson, met as young men six decades ago.

The senator died Aug. 25 from brain cancer at age 81.

A non-conformist to the end, McCain chose to be buried at the academy instead of Arlington National Cemetery with his father and grandfather, both Naval admirals.

“I want to smell the rose-scented breeze and feel the sun on my shoulders,” McCain wrote in his May memoir.

“I want to watch the hawks hunt from the sycamore, and then take my leave bound for a place near my old friend Chuck Larson, in the cemetery on the Severn, back where it began.”

Wow, the self-indulgence is so thick endangered sea turtles could get caught in it and go extinct.

Did I mention he was led to his grave by literal horses – after a weeklong funeral that he himself spent a year planning?

I get that this is some kind of naval tradition – even though horses are a land mammal (it would make more sense to use dolphins) – but I have to believe that is a big part of why he wanted to be buried at the naval academy, rather than that pretentious faggot shit he wrote about feeling the calm breeze.

The most disgusting thing about this is that he got to be buried with the AMERICAN flag – the flag of the nation he worked so diligently to destroy in the name of communism, the Jews, Mexicans and Islamic terrorism.

Actually no – the most disgusting thing was his daughters bulbous neck and horrible, hunched fat chick posture. It appears the bitch’s body is somehow storing water on her spine, like a camel.

Flag was the second most disgusting thing.

Third most disgusting thing was his adopted Banglanigger daughter marching around looking confused and almost as fat as his natural spawn.

Actually, I don’t know the order of disgustingness here. But those were the top three, in some order.

Hopefully, this is really the last funeral. But I have a sickening feeling they are going to keep this franchise going indefinitely…

Glioblastoma Holds Parade in New York City, Millions Attend

Noble Glioblastoma, the celebrated brain tumor that assassinated John McCain, didn’t need horses to carry his body – an electric float did just fine for him as he paraded through Manhattan as McCain was being stuffed in the hole in Maryland.

Millions of supporters attended the parade, including celebrities such as Axel Rose, who announced a reunion of Guns and Roses while on stage with the tumor.

He then broke into a surprise performance of November Rain.

Supporters of the tumor burned effigies of John McCain. They also burned the Israeli flag, and chanted “the only thing worse than a Jew is a traitor.”

The “Glio 2024” movement, which is calling for the tumor to run for President in 2024, paid for skywriting across the sky to read “Glio 2024.”

The brain tumor gave a brief speech where he thanked America, the greatest country which has ever existed, and called for all Jews to be forced to climb the Stairs of Death as part of a reality TV series called “The Stairs of Death.”

Glioblastoma ended his speech with “we ride for His Majesty Donald Trump, God Emperor and savior of the White Race!” before using one of his tumor-paws to wipe cancer-juice on a 20-foot effigy of John McCain, which was promptly lit ablaze.