Jones Accuses Duke of Being the Big Bad Wolf

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 20, 2015

Jones has said he uses the Joker make-up to "strike fear into those who wish to harm Israel."
Jones has said he uses the Joker make-up to “strike fear into those who wish to harm Israel.”

Following the Jonestown Massacre, Alex Jones has claimed that David Duke is the Big Bad Wolf, and that he did bad things to him, psychologically, during the commercial breaks.

Listen to this clip of him speaking after the debate.


Basically, Jones is saying “this alpha male made me feel like a helpless little girl.”

The idea that he morphed into a wolf during the commercial breaks is insane. I’m surprised he didn’t accuse him of shape-shifting into a reptilian, David Icke-style.

Alex Jones literally feared that David Duke may jump through the screen and eat him. That is why he kept getting headaches - they were out of fear for his life.
Alex Jones literally feared that David Duke may jump through the screen and eat him. That is why he kept getting headaches – they were out of fear for his life.

At the end of the massacre, Jones said “what big teeth you have,” referencing the Little Red Riding Hood fable where the Big Bad Wolf dressed up like an innocent grandma.

Look – I know David Duke. You talk to him in private, and he acts exactly the same as he does in public. He really is just a genuine, nice guy, who just really cares about defending European heritage and race.

But that doesn’t fit the Jones narrative, which is that White people who claim to want to defend the European race are really evil monsters who want to gas everyone and oppress people for no reason. So he creates a – literal – fairy tale narrative to explain away the disconnect between “well, this seems like a normal, nice guy who just believes in human rights” and “satanic mass-murderer in waiting.”

No Explanation of the Shutting Down

One thing Alex Jones did not comment on was the fact that he originally uploaded a 17 minute version of the two hour interview, and then deleted it from his YouTube channel.

What’s more, he literally deleted the posting from his website.

Talk about “shut it down.” This is like a cartoon.

Ask for Answers

Jones had Duke on, which was fair enough, but the fact that he is now attempting to erase this event from history is a borderline criminal act, and he needs to be confronted on it.

If you want answers, why don’t you drop by and The Alex Jones YouTube channel and post comments asking for an explanation as to why Alex has attempted to flush this “debate” down the memory hole. Remember to upvote your brothers’ comments.

If he has nothing to hide, than why is he hiding?

Was he order by his Jew producer, Rob Jacobson, to shut it down? Did his Jew wife, Rebecca Nichols, order the shutdown? Or was it his Jewish network? Perhaps his Jewish sponsors? Maybe his team of Jew lawyers?

We need an explanation.


  1. That clip is one of the funniest things I have heard in years.

    Alex Jones says he wanted a serious discussion…..yet he was the one going on about cyclops, grand lizards, or whatever else – repeatedly.

    His questions were far from serious discussion about what David Duke actually had to say.

    Jewish people are clearly behind much of how the world has been shaped.

    Jones wanders off all over the place with paranoid ramblings about anything and everything – to confuse things and to prevent people ever knowing the disproportionate influences of all he rambles about.

    David Duke has coherent proof of everything he says, and he stays on topic. The fact is, Jones was blown away by David Duke and his single-minded focus. He honed it down to putting names and faces as to what is behind much of the worlds problems.

    David Duke wasn’t even at his best. He was getting a bit agitated and a bit ranting at the imbecilic nature of Jones, who kept trying to steer him into some quite frankly odd directions and not letting him finish a point.

    That’s why Duke was commenting on the time.

    Have your adverts, but put them in at a finish of a section – don’t fade Duke out and talk over him! David Duke wasn’t to know that the adverts were being countered into each others time, either. He is experienced enough to know all the tactics and he is right to command his due time.

    The Jones Show were clearly being beaten. I have no doubts that the Jewish producers gauged the general flow of live comments – and decided to do some damage limitation at the end, which was all about fuzzying everything back up to generalities and “everybody is doing it” – despite Duke making it clear it is the opposite!

    He clearly did not listen to a word Duke said, given this audio clip today.

    So, according to Jones, the things David Duke is saying is nothing to “putting baby brains into pigs”….. LOL.

    Jones is literally insane. He is very clever, but insane. You have to be to stitch all his stuff up together and not contradict yourself too much, but I wouldn’t like to carry around his distracted mind, which can pull up an article about super-bugs and another about robots and another about carrots – combine them to try and show evidence of shady Catholics creating carrot robots to fire super-bugs at “innocent babies”.

    By “bringing the world together”, “as one”, “irrespective of colour, religion” to “see off the globalists” – doesn’t anybody see that is exactly what the “globalists” want?

    By working to break down all the barriers and distinctions, they are doing their bidding, so they can just waltz in and take the top table as usual!

      • Like with many of Jones’ stuff, I have no doubt that most of it is real.

        The article and video linked to the baby organs is extremely sick, and there is indeed a very deep and sinister drive behind society and how it operates.

        The problem I have with Jones, is that he whips it all together in a manic mish-mash of components, to paint pictures of shady plots and plans, but never seems to get to the core of the matter.

        If you know friends, family, whatever, and you were at a party and you started talking about baby brains in rodents, body bags being bought in the millions along with government ammunition for firing at American citizens, colloidal silver being the cure for ailments, chemi-trails poisoning people, mind control drugs being used to instigate terrorist attacks, etc – they would think you’re insane.

        Furthermore, if you said all that, then the next time you saw them, you talked about the white genocide problem and what is likely to be behind it…..they would think of the earlier conversation and just dismiss you as being nuts. This is why I find the scatter-brained conspiracy movement dangerous to our interests.

        The salvation and saving of European people in their own lands is the paramount importance. The rest of the stuff that goes on, no matter how sick it is, has to come second.

        In fact, only by wrestling this beast down can we ever hope of changing all the ailments in society.

        How have we got to the stage we are at where this stuff goes on? If that is halted, then I suspect things would get better.

        Yet Jones just keeps pumping it all out, whilst nothing ever changes, not least because the AJ audience are left confused about why and who the people are that are driving all this stuff.

        In some ways it is good that these things get aired – but in other ways, it poses all sorts of problems with moving ahead with our own core mission.

    • Well at the end of the day we have this Alex Jones’ Swan Song be sure to make a copy and share it with everyone you know!

  2. Check out the writing of Russian General Antoly Wolkow. One of the most encompassing I have seen from someone who was there.

  3. I had to listen to this again. It’s hilarious.

  4. I listened to the “debate” with Jones talking about “the leftists” and “the radical left” and “they” and wanted to scream, “David, ask him who “the leftists” are, ask him to name “the radical left,” tell him to describe “they,” what “they” look like, where “they” go to Sunday School.”
    Duke did well and didn’t let Jones distract him too much, which was good. Duke does sometimes get distracted and thrown off, though, by too many of his own parenthetical asides.
    I wonder how many Jones fans took note that he had to go get My Bully to pile on at the end. I wonder how many of Jones’ fans took note that their champion had to be bailed out. I wonder how many Jones fans noticed that once this jew jacobson took the mike how much more volume the jew had than Duke, how Duke couldn’t be heard any longer. The jew never plays a fair game.
    And I wonder why Duke didn’t immediately pick up on and nail Jones to the wall on it when Jones outright said this jew jacobson was his boss at infowars. “jews don’t control the media, alex, and your boss is who, now?” I would have loved to have heard that one from Duke.

  5. It goes like this Alex, look at the true history of communism and it’s jewish thoroughly creation and all the death and destruction it caused in the so called “Jewish Century”? Then ask yourself “What else do they get to do?”

  6. Jewish producer, Jewish sponsors, Jewish wife, Jewish kids. I would be very surprised if Jones did anything other than what he is doing now. He is just one more wolf in a long line of them, calling somebody else what he is.

    • There is an old saying, something about if you want to control the opposition, you have to lead it yourself.

      Jones and the conspiracy circles are a distraction that keeps people occupied on an incoherent barrage of messages. They present themselves at the real threat to the ‘globalists’, whilst mixing truth with lies in order to discredit those who really point to the truth.

      How credible is, say, David Icke, to the general populace? The same goes for Alex Jones. He is clearly extremely paranoid and goes off on absurd tangents. He is not always wrong, but that is the problem – because it is so wild, the truth gets dismissed along with the crazy stuff.

      These circles tend to think that to beat the globalists we have to all come together, unite across racial and religious boundaries, borders, and that everything else is just “playing into the globalists hands of divide and conquer”.

      Yet by bringing the world together in this way, they are creating the New World Order, at which the Jews will be at the top of the pyramid.

  7. Shawn King - 100% Black

    it was a pathetic climbdown to wipe DD completely off his website

  8. I listened to Alex Jones for a few months. It is sure he sees the takeover by the New World Order but fails to make the connection of who is pulling the strings. He speaks to the cultural rot they are pushing but doesn’t follow through with the natural conclusion. He is all up on Bilderberg and doesn’t connect the dots. He is being dishonest with himself and his listeners.
    European whites are under massive attack right here where we live, as they try to keep us rounded up and on the plantation while they destroy us and we are supposed to do what Alex Jones? He said his desire is to want good for all of humanity. I say we have to name the enemy and save ourselves. Nothing else matters if we are destroyed.
    It bugged me that he was attacking Dr. Duke as a hate filled human being for holding his beliefs. Alex’s voice would literally change back and forth while talking about the debate he was to have in the next hour. He sounded like a Jeckle and Hyde personality. While trying to sound like he was going to honestly debate the ideas, letting a “freak out” occur and say The KKK, The Grand Wizard! etc…. was weird to say the least. Was that to color the audience with negativity so they wouldn’t be receptive to what Dr. Duke had to say? I think so.

  9. If David Duke is the wolf that would make Alex Jones a fox – that go eaten by a wolf. That headache is what they call cognitive dissonance Alex. You know, when you hear the truth after believing bullshit for so long. You’ve talked about it enough. Funny you couldn’t recognize it when it was happening to you. But thanks for telling us. Sorry if you woke up the next morning regretting your decision. That must have been your subconscious mind telling you to do the right thing. If that’s what you say you are trying to do, the universe just changed your direction and you didn’t even know it. Like divine intervention. But now we know you know and so does your audience. How about letting all those decent jews, blacks, Mexicans, and middle easterners you speak of go back to their own countries and “work for change they can believe in”. Wouldn’t that be the sane choice before we all kill each other? That would be the final solution to the divide and conquer tactic used by the “globalists” right? Then we can get down to prosecuting the real criminals, many of whom we already know how and what they did. Break up the jew monopolies that have put a strangle hold on the competition in your free market. Return it to a fair market. Return the spirit of good will between the citizens of our once great nations. That is the difference between Dr. David Duke and the Nation of Islam and La Raza. This is not a black or Mexican made homeland. David Duke is speaking for the generations of European Americans and what is rightfully ours as a people. It’s called defending what’s yours. Our homeland, our culture, our people. Even though we all know that the “Democracy Building” jew neo-con narrative was pitched down the memory hole to cover up yet another deception by jews in control of our government, it was also a miserable failure. The truth would appear to be that even if you take every facet of western societies and attempt to implement them, there is something unnatural about it to other races. It is not our responsibility or our place to tell them how to live. Let those who have lived here return and attempt to give it to them, that way they can’t blame us when it doesn’t work.

    By calling Dr. Duke a wolf and not allowing his truthful and factual information to be both acknowledged and validated, you are only adding to the problem. I thought you pride yourself on being this big truth warrior? Any REAL truth warrior would have started investigating his new found information before making childish character attacks! Don’t shoot the messenger Alex! Dr. Duke spent years of study so you wouldn’t have to find out what jews have actually said and done by yourself. Acknowledge the truth when you see it. Wait, we have clips that prove you knew this for some time now. Time to face the music Mr. Jones.

  10. Alex Jones is a victim of anti-White propaganda. This forces him to react in a prescribed manner when forced with the thought of European Heritage, Culture and Pride. He instantly recoils due to the triggering of his self hating psychosis.

    He doesn’t have it nearly as bad as some.

  11. Jones has a role, and is paid 8 million a year to do it; protect, and promote the International Jews…hiding their power.
    However great David Duke was taking the fat piece of garbage on, the mission of Jones stays the same.
    He cannot let that debate out, and now must demonize Duke, with his blind kosher patriot supporters .

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