Jordan B. Peterson Calls for Banning the Pill/White Sharia on Bill Maher’s Show

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 22, 2018

Wow. Bill and Jordan came off as really buddy buddy on Friday. Was not expecting that.

It is amusing to see these two circle-jerk about how they’re being censored and attacked by the PC police.

Peterson is raking in the dough from his donations and book sales while Bill has a show on HBO that isn’t going anywhere. That’s not really what I think of when I think about political repression.

In Bill’s case, as long as he couches his “political incorrectness” and snide jabs at the SJW Left by saying “Fuck Drumpf” at the end, it’s all good, so even on that front he’s covered.

Jordan had a good moment though when he started talking about how we don’t have kids anymore and that “demography” was affecting the development of kids. He mentions the pill for a brief moment, and immediately backs down when he sees the Mexican chick go into full loco mode at the very thought of a man talking about birth control.

She’s actually half-asian and half butt-ugly

Backing down is Jordan B. Peterson’s thing.

He didn’t mean it like you and I would mean it, i.e. niggers are making it harder to have White families, but it still made me raise my eyebrow in surprise that he would even mention the dreaded D-word that proves all on its own that something is fucked up about our society if we can’t even have kids anymore.

This prompted the crazy Democrat governer from Washington started bragging about how his kids were totally fine because they were correct on all the hot-button political issues.

“Doesn’t matter if they’re spoiled, narcissistic, useless and self-loathing little shits. They believe in fag marriage, getting high and global warning, so my job as a parent is done.”

This man looks and acts like a dum-dum. Below average IQ probably. And yet, he’s a governor. Remember kids, the world is run by C-level students with social skills

I don’t quite understand how these two are considered controversial – I mean, let’s be real, I do – but I don’t understand why they themselves think they are controversial. Peterson talks a lot about the problems of narcissism, but at what point do you focus that lens in on yourself? Is what you’re saying really controversial or has society slid so far to the left that even your milquetoast centrist tripe is considered Nuremberg rally tier by the mainstream media and the rabid Millennial SJW hordes?

On Bill’s show, Peterson came off as a Nazi, but that’s not really a ringing endorsement of Peterson by any stretch. Bill’s guests are literally just bat-shit insane.

In the beginning, the two of them were actually yucking it up together. Like old friends. Only by the end, when Jordan told them that they were tearing the country apart in his wavery kermit voice, the tone changed.

Nothing happened really, they just steam-rolled over him with their Trump is a Fascist rhetoric.

On a personal note, I can’t stand Peterson because he’s a weak, wavery-voiced faggot who looks like he’s about to break down and crumple into himself – just judging from his body language.

He even lets Bill compare Trump supporters to ISIS supporters without any objections. Wow, just wow. All in all, judging from his latest appearance, this guy is completely useless, fam.