Jordan Peterson Checks Into Rehab, Kind of a Total Fraud

Roy Batty (with Andrew Anglin)
Daily Stormer
September 21, 2019

Jordan Peterson is a Canadian psychotherapist and a multimillionaire self-help guru who is used by the media to push an anti-white political agenda.

If you’ve been following this strange saga, as many of us have, you may recall that Dr. Peterson told people to take their pills. This made sense at the time because Peterson was on pills himself to treat his depression. He said that there was no shame in taking your pills and that people, in fact, neglected themselves by feeling bad about taking them.

OK. That’s an argument, I guess.

Regrettably, the whole thing falls apart when it comes out – and it has come out – that Jordan Peterson just had to check into rehab to wean himself off the pills that he was prescribed by a fellow shrink.

His strumpet daughter has spilt the beans on his whole struggle with pills in this tell-all video.

I found the whole video rather disturbing and offensive, not in small part because Mikhaila is very hard on the eyes. Very harsh features, the lass has.

She is playing up the whole distraught daughter angle and looks absolutely hideous without the Instagram filter, carefully chosen angle and meticulously applied war paint.

Never trust a woman’s photos, gents.

Daily Dot:

Self-help guru Jordan Peterson is in rehab.

Peterson’s daughter Mikhaila made the announcement on her YouTube channel yesterday. Her father twice tweeted a link to it, saying in one, “At least life isn’t dull.”

She says that her mother’s cancer diagnosis and subsequent surgical complication created an unbearable amount of stress for the family, and particularly her father. A doctor prescribed clonazepam, or Klonopin, to help him cope with the anxiety it caused. Clonazepam is an anti-seizure medication that is also prescribed to treat panic disorder.

After her mother went into remission, Peterson attempted to get off the drug on his own. This caused terrible withdrawals, his daughter says. “The reason we’re in New York is because dad’s in rehab using other medications to try and get off this clonazepam.”

All these pills are highly addictive. Why would you ever encourage people to go on them or see medical snake oil salesmen that will prescribe them? Psychology, in general, is a big Jewish scam. And Jordan Peterson’s psychology is ancillary to his real scam – his political agenda. That’s what he’s trying to sell you on.

Allow me to redpill you on that open secret:

Me, personally, I have read some Carl Jung in my time, and I’ve even cracked open his Red Book recently.

Look, proof:

I think people ought to listen to me instead. 

I’ve probably read and understood more of Jung than Peterson has – that’s almost a certainty. But then add to that the fact that I’ve never been on SSRI drugs and don’t dabble in Satanism like Peterson does, and I think I make for a far better moral guidepost than this charlatan.

I’d keep these kids on the straight and narrow. 

The only pills I’d hand out to depressed youth would be red pills. 

That’s what the kids need.

Juden Peterstein can heck right off.