Just Can’t Wait to Get In (Lion King Parody)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 8, 2015

This is lol.

And also, one of my favorite childhood films.

Back before Disney was totally kiked.

It’s from Uncuck The Right, with lyrics by Skeleton Archer.


  1. What about the Kerry Perry parody of ‘Dark Horse’?

    Can someone post that one?

  2. Before 2004’s Downfall, there was 1981’s The Bunker, with Anthony Hopkins playing Hitler. It’s on YouTube, and one moment was particularly striking. At 1h:59m:38s, Hans Baur, his personal pilot, is seen admiring a painting of Frederick the Great. Hitler says that it has great historical value, and wants to give it to him. Baur says that he can’t accept such a gift, but Hitler says that he deserves it. Baur then says that he would accept it only to give to a museum one day. What is striking here is that the makers of this film, way back in 1981, apparently saw the Reich’s acquisitions of important art as we do today – that said acquisitions were not about privatization, as the kikes would have us believe, but rather about preserving art, through the war, so that it could be given back to the people. I thought I would point this out, with regard to a recent article on DS, “The Banning of Art and the Real Monuments Men”.




  3. AngryNeuroticCatholic

    “If this is where America is headed, count me out!”-Jewcan Goldberg reference.

  4. After watching this, I’m happy Cecil got shot .

  5. Those childhood memories realy me look forward to having kids

  6. Do an article about the VERY PREDICTABLE Gay Star Wars character the Disney Kikes have added to the franchise.

    My first reaction upon learning Disney was buying Star Wars, with a Jew director for future films was ‘Gay Jedi’s, Negro on Blonde love affairs and transgender yoda’. So far i’m 2 for 3.

    • From Wiki:

      John Boyega as Finn,[4][5] a stormtrooper and trained warrior.[6][7]
      On how Finn fits into the film, Boyega said, “When we find Finn, he’s
      in incredible danger. And the way he reacts to this danger changes his
      life, and launches him into the Star Wars universe in a very unique way.”[6]

      Daisy Ridley as Rey,[4][5] a scavenger on the desert planet Jakku.[6]
      On the character, Ridley said, “She’s completely self-sufficient and
      does everything for herself, until she meets another character and an
      adventure begins.”[6]

      Alpha negro and a strong independent whyte beeitch as the lead characters.

      More like Worldstar Wars, am I right?

  7. Is Andrew out of his goddamn mind? Disney isn’t kiked at all…

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