Justice Department: Epstein was Taken Off of Suicide Watch by Top Psychologist

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 24, 2019

The fact of reality is that Epstein should have been protected by US Marshals, as is standard procedure for a prisoner this high profile.

There is simply no excuse for his death, both President Trump and AG Barr hold responsibility for his death. “Sorry, we’re just completely and totally incompetent, we’ll do some investigations to try to figure out why we’re so incompetent” is not a valid explanation for this situation.

Fox News:

Disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein was taken off suicide watch after being examined by a “doctoral-level psychologist” days before he hanged himself in his prison cell, according to the Justice Department.

The disclosure was made in a letter addressed Thursday to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., and ranking member Doug Collins, R-Ga. The letter was obtained by Fox News on Friday.

“The Department can confirm that Mr. Epstein was placed on suicide watch in July,” Justice Department official Stephen E. Boyd wrote. “Mr. Epstein was later removed from suicide watch after being evaluated by a doctoral-level psychologist who determined that a suicide watch was no longer warranted.”

Epstein was found unresponsive in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan, N.Y., on Aug. 10, as he awaited trial on federal sex trafficking charges involving underage girls. He had been placed on suicide watch weeks earlier, on July 23, after he was found on the floor of his cell with bruises around his neck.

Feds subpoena up to 20 employees at Jeffrey Epstein jail, reports sayVideo
Both the FBI and the Justice Department’s inspector general are investigating the circumstances surrounding Epstein’s death.

“Although Mr. Epstein is deceased, the department’s case against anyone who was complicit in his alleged crimes will continue,” the DOJ’s letter said.

Epstein’s ability to take his own life while incarcerated at one of the most secure jails in America ended the possibility of a trial that could have involved prominent figures and sparked widespread anger that he wouldn’t have to answer for his alleged crimes.

Since Epstein’s death, Attorney General William Barr has removed the director of the federal Bureau of Prisons and appointed a new director and deputy director. The jail’s warden has been reassigned to a desk post at a regional office and two guards who were supposed to be watching Epstein the night he died were placed on administrative leave.

Yes, no one thinks he was suicidal – we all agree with that psychologist.

The overwhelming majority of Americans believe he was murdered.

What we need to find out is why he was arrested in the first place.

Who ordered that.

Until we know that particular fact, none of this other stuff can be figured out. If Barr actually wanted to keep him alive, and he was outmaneuvered by the Mossad or whoever it is that wanted him dead, then we need to get some information on just exactly what steps were taken to keep him alive.

Otherwise, I don’t see how anyone can conclude anything other than that Barr let this happen on purpose.