K-Pop Could Be the Key to Attaining World Peace

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
April 2, 2018

Humanity is divided by race, religion, culture and language, but they’re united by one thing: their love of K-Pop.

Most objective observers have remarked that the greatest danger posed by the Korean conflict was the threat to the world’s supply of K-Pop. Indeed, if a hot war ever broke between the North and the South, we’d be looking at critical worldwide shortages of the popular entertainment medium.

However, it now seems like we may have been looking at this completely wrong.

K-pop, rather than being the main stake in the Korean conflict, was the key to resolving it all along.


North Korea leader Kim Jong Un, accompanied by his wife Ri Sol Ju, clapped and waved as he attended a rare concert of South Korean singers and performers in Pyongyang.

Two cultures united at last.

After the two-hour plus concert, the North Korean leader and his wife shook hands with the pop stars, that included K-pop girl band Red Velvet, and took pictures with them, according to video and press pool reports.

If anyone can melt the icy heart of Kim Jong Un, it’s Red Velvet.

The concert marked the first time in over a decade that South Korean musicians have traveled to North Korea, as relations between the two countries have thawed ahead of a groundbreaking summit of the leaders of the two countries planned for the end of April.

The young North Korean leader “was deeply moved to see our people sincerely acclaiming the performance, deepening the understanding of the popular art of the south side,” according to North Korea state news agency KCNA.

KCNA reported that Kim had enjoyed the concert — something that surprised some observers in Seoul given that it has been a punishable crime for North Koreans to consume South Korea popular culture including music, movies and soap operas.

Well, it’s probably a good move to ban South Korean soap operas. But banning K-Pop was a tragic mistake, and probably the biggest factor that slowed down the north’s economic and social progress.

After all, how can a population be productive if they don’t keep good morale?

K-Pop’s morale-boosting properties are well established.

“(Kim) expressed thanks to them for coming here with (a) good performance, prepared by them with sincerity in a short span of time,” the KCNA report said.

“He said that as he may have no time because of his complicated political program early in April, he came to enjoy the performance of the south side art troupe he invited to visit here.

Things are looking very good in South Korea. And K-Pop is probably the main factor here – closely followed by Donald Trump’s strong leadership on this matter.

Hopefully, once relations are finally normalized, Kim Jong  Un can do something about these damn exploding death phones the South Koreans keep pawning off on us.

Once the South Koreans stop bombing us with these things, we’ll finally know peace.