Kadyrov Weighs In On The Nazi Question

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 24, 2018

Everytime Kadyrov opens his mouth I’m all like.

Here’s what the dapper strongman had to say this time:


The head of the Chechen Republic has called upon foreign nations to not repeat Hitler’s mistake and to avoid antagonizing Russia without learning the history of failed attempts to conquer it.

Ramzan Kadyrov issued the warning through his Telegram Messenger blog on Friday as Russia marked the Day of Memory and Grief – the anniversary of the Nazi Germany’s 1941 attack on Soviet Union which started the Great Patriotic War.

Hitler planned to have Russia on its knees within months and have a military parade on Red Square, but he was wrong when he thought that his main task was to reach Moscow, Kadyrov wrote.

“It is true that in times of the war the German divisions directly approached Moscow, Leningrad and Stalingrad. But Hitler didn’t speak Russian and he did not know the Russian history. Otherwise he would have given a second thought to taking the road that had been previously chosen by the French, the Swedes, the Poles and others and ending his life in the same disgraceful way as all these aggressors,” he stated.

Do you ever get the idea that Kadyrov is…overcompensating a little?

I sure do…and I think I might know why.

Here’s a funny historical tidbit you might not have heard about before.

It turns out…now get this…it turns out that the Chechens and other Moslem minorities…wait for it, wait for it…

Lots of Chechens and other Moslem minorities sided with the Germans in that war!

 Ingushetian guy, but w/e the point stands

In fact, Stalin deported hundreds of thousands of Caucasians in an act of mass revenge against them.

Which, credit where credit is due, was pretty based I guess.


The 1940–44 insurgency in Chechnya was an autonomous revolt against the Soviet authorities in the Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. Beginning as early as June 1941 under Khasan Israilov, it peaked in 1942 during the German invasion of North Caucasus and ended in the beginning of 1944 with the wholesale concentration and deportation of the Vainakh peoples (Chechens and Ingushes) from their native lands as well as from the locations across the USSR, resulting in the death of at least 144,000 civilians. However, scattered resistance in the mountains continued for years.

It’s funny how Kadyrov and pretty much everybody in the world, regardless of political affiliation, likes to gloss over that annoying historical episode.

You would think the whole “Chechens were Nazis” thing would really work as a Boomer-tier argument against them by civic nationalists and anti-Islam types. A variant on the “George Soros was a Nazi” winning formula that Alex Jones and others have patented.

The thing is, Uncle Adolf had a weird thing going on with Islam that’s hard for us to contextualize today. But, basically, it was seen as a more warlike religion by some Nazis and it had that exotic eastern flair that Europeans have always been suckers for.

Never forget: David Hume wore a turban.

Europeans go gaga for cool headgear.

Actually, there’s a book with a chapter titled, “David Hume Wore a Turban” on the topic of White people’s xenophilia that I recommend. It’s called The SWPL Question. 

Anyways, Islam wasn’t really seen as an existential problem back then. Unless you count Oswald Spengler’s prophetic take on the topic.

So the fascination of trad guys with Islam makes more sense in that context.

Nowadays, people like to ignore that many Moslems were pretty chummy with the Nazis back in the day.

You would think that the anti-Islam people might latch onto that, no?

They should in my honest opinion.

This is some serious propaganda ammunition that they can use in Europe and Russia and America.

Did you know that the Nazis were also Islamic? Islamo-Nazis are taking over our country again! 

Put yourself in the shoes of a typical normiecon. You can’t tell me that this argument wouldn’t work. You just know that it would. But I haven’t really heard it.

Are these guys just not creative?

Dem niggas is stupid if they pass up this chance.