Kansas City: Nog Kills 71-Year-Old White Woman in Alleged “Mistaken Identity” Case

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
January 25, 2019

Dakkota Siders.

Even if this murder was the result of mistaken identity, I bet this coon doesn’t regret doing it.

To blacks, one fewer white person in America is never a bad thing.

The Kansas City Star:

A 71-year-old woman found shot and killed on Interstate 70 just east of downtown Kansas City may have been targeted by mistake, according to police.

Murder charges filed Thursday against a man accused in the shooting said the victim, Barbara Harper, may have been shot after being mistaken for someone else who was involved in an earlier shooting incident near a Kansas City strip club.

Surveillance camera footage from the area of the shooting led Kansas City police to 25-year-old Dakkota Siders, according to court documents.

Siders, of Independence, was charged Thursday in Jackson County Circuit Court with second-degree murder, unlawful possession and use of a firearm and delivery of a controlled substance.

During the investigation, detectives learned of a disturbance where shots were fired outside the Shady Lady at 2800 East 12th Street shortly before Harper was killed.

Surveillance footage there showed a silver car and a white car speeding from the scene. Siders was driving a silver car when he was arrested, and Harper’s car was white.

Officers recovered 9mm shell casings at both shooting scenes, and testing determined that they had been fired from the same gun, the charges allege.

Detectives said they think Harper was targeted because her car resembled the one involved in the Shady Lady incident.

Barbara Harper.

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