Kevin Smith Lost a Bunch of Weight and Now He has Extra Skin and Looks Like He has AIDS

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 3, 2019

I just found this video from last month of the terrible Gen-X movie director Kevin Smith.

Nah, I’m not gonna lie, I liked Clerks and Mallrats when I was a kid. I also liked his Green Arrow and some of his Daredevil comics. The more recent Batman ones were okay too. His more recent movies are simply unbearable, of course. I remember watching Dogma and thinking “ehhhh…” I’m not sure if that is because it was a worse movie or because I was already 15 years old when it came out and thus above the mental age of the intended audience.

But he’s always seemed like a nice person. I met him a couple of times at comic shows as a kid, and he was always kind and funny. So I can’t totally shit on the guy. He’s done some okay stuff. Also, I believe him when he says he didn’t know anything about Harvey Weinstein, who produced some of his films. This is definitely not a guy who was hanging out at swanky Hollywood parties.

Anyway, I want to talk about his health, not his artistic work. I saw this above video. And realized he lost a whole bunch of weight, and he has all this extra skin.

I hadn’t been following him, but I googled “Kevin Smith weight loss,” and I guess this drastic weight loss began last year, after he had a heart attack in February at the age of 47.

He says he did it largely by not eating anything other than potatoes.

The transformation is amazing.

Good on him for losing the weight. He will live a whole lot longer, and he looks better.

But, you know… he still sure doesn’t look very good.

In fact, he looks like he has AIDS.

We recently learned that if a woman is fat for just a year, it permanently raises their risk of cancer.

We can add to this that you also look terrible if you lose a bunch of weight after being fat.

Maybe that extra skin will tighten up when the body realizes it has too much skin. I don’t know. He’s only been thin for a year or so, so who knows.

The important thing is to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.


Make sure to follow my diet guides. And my strength training advice (though the diet is more important).

Also, speaking of AIDS: HIV doesn’t real.

Look: the only people that get this are faggots and IV drug users.

Explain to me how there is a retrovirus that destroys your immune system that only infects people who are doing other things that destroy their immune system?

Anal sex causes all kinds of health problems in itself. And homos get constantly infected with the normal STDs – chlamydia and gonorrhea – sometimes more than once a month. Every time they do that, they take a round of antibiotics and weaken their immune systems. Furthermore, they get the actual real viruses of herpes and HPV, and collect huge amounts of different strands. And also, of course, hepatitis. They are utterly and completely disease-ridden – just not with a fake disease. They also use copious amounts of drugs, including and especially “poppers,” which are proven to suppress the immune system.

If HIV did cause AIDS, it would be redundant, because due to their lifestyle choices, their immune systems would collapse all on its own without the aid of this virus.

The reason that this appeared in the 1970s is that it was the first time in the history of Christian civilization where homosexuals could get together and have parties and sodomize fifty men in a night – yes, they regularly sodomize and/or get sodomized by 50 men in one night. Before that, homosexuals had to be secretive about their dirty deeds, so it was logistically impossible to engage such huge numbers of men in acts of sodomy.

Watch this Christian documentary about fags from the 90s. It shows what they act like, back when Christians would still go film this sort of thing. Ignore the stuff about the blacks.

In the 1990s when I was a kid, they told us that everyone was going to get the gay disease, because it wasn’t really Gay-Related Immunodeficiency Syndrome (GRIDS), it was secretly Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and it was caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which anyone could get.

Thirty years later, this has been proved to be an utter and complete hoax.

You cannot get HIV from vaginal sex, they say now – it was all a big mix-up!

Because HIV was never a real thing. It was always just GRIDS. You can call it AIDS if you want, it means the same thing. But there is no secret virus. This is an immune system condition caused by the homosexual lifestyle.

But the queers got their billions upon billions of dollars in funding for their disease, which was killing them but is now something you can live a full life with due to the immune system-boosting drugs they’ve invented with all of these billions.

And just imagine this: the new drugs are all to “treat and PREVENT HIV.” So they are just immune system-enhancing drugs that all cocksuckers take to keep their immune systems from collapsing. They don’t even bother to take the fake test anymore, which is just a test of the immune system anyway (you can’t actually test for the retrovirus itself – how very convenient, no?).

It should also be noted that people hated faggots still in the 80s and 90s, and a big part of pushing people to accept them was this stupid HIV hoax. Everyone hated them and then they were like “oh but we have a disease, and you probably have it too, you should be nice to us, we’re such pathetic and sad people.”

The hoax played a key role in their being accepted by society.

It is no different than the Holocaust. It is a minority grievance group inventing an idiotic fairy tale to manipulate society in order to gain money and power.

In actual fact – and by pure coincidence, goyim – most of the faggots promoting this hoax were also kikes. Larry Kramer, a top homosexual Jew AIDS hoaxer, wrote a book comparing AIDS to the Holocaust!

What more do you need to know!

This guy was literally the face of the AIDS movement.

And let me tell you something else about this kike: he says he was proven to have HIV in 1983 – and he’s still alive!

He’s 84 years old! Can you imagine??? It’s because he knew it was a HOAX and was smart enough to know the trick to not die: don’t do sodomy with 50 guys a night and get bacterial infections every week and six million different kinds of herpes and HPV, keep things at least relatively monogamous, and don’t do poppers and cocaine!