Khabibi Goes to Dagistan to Give Victory Speech, Praises Allah and Says He Isn’t Russian

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 9, 2018

Yeah, um.

This isn’t really getting reported. And RT isn’t doing it service, at all.

Saying “he thanked God,” in fact he thanked Allah. They say he said “his nation” and imply he was talking about Russia, but he makes it very clear he is talking about Dagestan.

At one point, he said “it’s important that we be united as a nation and not separated by different ethnicities…” and then went on to list the different ethnicities of Dagestan.


The undefeated UFC champion delivered a stone-cold verbal assassination of Conor McGregor to a stadium full of raucous home fans. About the post-fight fracas, instead of apologizing he said: “You can’t confine an eagle to a cage.”

Struggling to be heard over close to 10,000 cheering fans in Dagestan’s Anzhi Arena, who gathered to greet Nurmagomedov on his homecoming, the fighter nicknamed the Eagle seemed still full of the anger he had been storing in the months before the fight, while he was mercilessly taunted by the Irishman.

“I prayed to God for one thing, to be left alone in the cage with this clown. I asked him this every day,”Nurmagomedov said, with no hint of a smile.

I prayed that we would have no injuries, that we would make weight, and regain our strength, and finally be locked in that cage. Because a lot was said outside that cage, and I said that once that octagon door is shut, I am not responsible for my actions.”

Yeah, see.

He has framed the entire fight in the same way a terrorist attack is framed.

And that is exactly what it was: a cultural terrorist attack on white people.

Now, in front of an exclusively Dagestani audience, it was his turn to drop the politically-correct platitudes.

“The first thing I wanted to show him, is the difference between our people, and his people. We know our history, our ancestors, and what our people have been through. Nothing can break us,” said Nurmagomedov, from his podium in the middle of a football field, flanked by his entourage.

The word “Russia” was not said once in the entire speech. He also did not mention Putin.

I get why RT would be trying to frame him as a Russian to the West, and claiming “we beat you.” I do not agree with that, but I get it. But I don’t think Russian media is doing that domestically. If they were, people would become enraged.

But what are you going to do?

Conor McGregor betrayed the white race by going in the ring – yet again – with another nonwhite he couldn’t beat for money, and made our entire race look weak.

Khabibi was the better fighter and he won in the name of Islam and the terror state of Dagestan.

That is just what happened.