Kiked Vox News Says Iranian False Flag Hoax Might be the One Time Trump is Right

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 20, 2019

Just this one time, goyim, you must forget your hatred for orange man, and realize that he is absolutely correct about the Iranian threat and the need for war.


It’s becoming clearer that Iran was responsible for an attack on two oil tankers in a strategic Middle Eastern waterway last week. That conclusion, reached even by some of President Donald Trump’s political opponents, could put significant pressure on the administration to deter a similar strike from happening again — perhaps even with force.

On June 13, two vessels — one belonging to a company in Japan and the other to Norwegian firm — were disabled in the Gulf of Oman seemingly by limpet mines. The US immediately blamed Iran, and in the days since released video and pictures to prove it not only was behind the attack, but also that it tried to cover it up — charges Tehran denies.

Many are skeptical of what the Trump administration says about Iran, though, and there are legitimate reasons to be. Trump, National Security Adviser John Bolton, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have pursued a “maximum pressure” campaign against the country in a likely effort at regime change. And the US for months has said it has intelligence indicating Iran plans to attack Americans in the Middle East, even though Democrats and other officials familiar with that information say Trump’s team has inflated the threat.

But now the Trump administration has some unlikely allies when it comes to fingering Iran for the oil-tanker attacks.

On Sunday, House Intelligence Committee chair and fierce Trump critic Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said on CBS News’ Face the Nation “[t]here’s no question that Iran is behind the attacks. I think the evidence is very strong and compelling.”

Two days later, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who doesn’t get along with Trump at all, said there was “strong evidence” Iran committed the two strikes.

And as if to put a fine point on it, a US Navy explosives expert on Wednesday said the mines used to disable one the vessels bore “a striking resemblance” to similar ones used by Iran in the past. Iran is known for having multiple types of mines and even used them during a tanker war in the late 1980s.

Which means the instinct not to trust Trump officials on Iran may be overcome by the facts of this specific case. While it’s true there could be more evidence pointing the finger away from Iran in the coming days, that outcome seems less and less likely now.

Yes, goyim.

You see, even Adam Schiff, one of God’s very own chosen people, believes bad orange man in this one very specific situation.

Just for anyone keeping score… there was no evidence, there remains no evidence, and the longer this drags on the more obvious it is that it was done by some proxy of the US/Israel.

Vox is the most Jewish thing on earth, by the way.

Run by Ezra Klein.

They’re the same Jews that triggered the recent YouTube shutdown – because Steven Crowder called one of their writers a “lispy queer.”

Like VICE, it’s a combination of trannies, exterminating white people, and fighting wars for Israel. They are creating the perfect goy.

And all of these leftist publications are going to follow suit.

I Remember…

There was a time when liberal leftist publications were against war, even though they were run by Jews. They basically had to be, because their own readers wouldn’t accept anything else. And it also didn’t matter, because the neocon right publications, also run by Jews, were all supporting the war and they would win the day.

Now, two things are different:

  1. Leftists are no longer fundamentally opposed to war. They are concerned primarily about mass immigration, trannies and exterminating white men. Whether or not we should bomb some random country isn’t even within their scope of thought. So, if all the people they trust to promote the things they really care about – infinity niggers and trannies – tell them the war is good, they’ll take them at their word.
  2. The neocon right is pretty much dead. It was always this weird boomer evangelical thing, where they had all these confused Christians gaslit into believing that if they killed a bunch of Moslems for Israel, Jesus would return and suck them up into Heaven. Younger right-wing people are not interested in this sort of gibberish, and are almost all ideologically anti-war, in the same way the right always was before the great neocon takeover.

So as the situation currently stands, there is a need for leftists to support Middle Eastern meddling, and there is also no real concrete resistance to it. Most of the old anti-war left is simply accused of being anti-Semitic, because they will inevitably point out the fact that Israel is directing all of this warmongering, and you’re no longer allowed to talk about Israel as you would any other country.

Look at what’s happened to Tulsi Gabbard.

These Jews cannot stand her.

They viciously attack her continually, and claim that she’s a shill for Assad and Iran for being against war. These are leftist Jews attacking her. She cannot ever hope to get a platform in the Democrat Party, at all.

Any Democrat politician who speaks out against war gets shilled against hard.

The same is true for the old anti-war publications.

Mother Jones still exists and is agitating against a war with Iran. Actually doing some decent reporting.

But Mother Jones barely outranks Daily Stormer in traffic (and we’d be beating them if we didn’t have our .com stolen in 2017, I shall add).

Vox News has six times their traffic.

And CNN is going to be on board with the war push too. And the New York Times. All of them will be.

I’m 35 years old.

And I’ll tell you: it is incredible to have witnessed this shift. The left went nuts over the Iraq war. And they hate Trump a lot more than they ever hated George W. Bush. And yet, Trump’s war is good.

It just never ends with these people.

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