Kikefornia Hires Dumb Black Bastard Eric Holder to Help Them Fight Trump!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 4, 2017

This is fantastic news.

All opposition to Trump is now just becoming, transparently, a bunch of brown people being managed by Jews. It’s almost if they’re purposefully becoming a caricature from an A. Wyatt Mann cartoon.

Fox News:

California lawmakers already are preparing for a legal brawl with the Donald Trump administration – and they’ve got President Obama’s former top attorney in their corner.

Top state Democratic lawmakers announced Wednesday that former Attorney General Eric Holder has been tapped as outside counsel to advise the Legislature on potential challenges with the Trump government. He will lead a team from the Covington & Burling law firm, where he’s been working since leaving the Obama administration in 2015.

“With the upcoming change in administrations, we expect that there will be extraordinary challenges for California in the uncertain times ahead,” California Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon said in a statement. “This is a critical moment in the history of our nation. We have an obligation to defend the people who elected us and the policies and diversity that make California an example of what truly makes our nation great.”

They said Holder and his team will advise “in our efforts to resist any attempts to roll back the progress California has made.”

The statement did not specify which policies they anticipate will cause friction, though California’s numerous sanctuary cities are likely to face challenges from an administration that has threatened to pull their federal funding.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, De León suggested Holder’s team will work on issues like immigration, climate change, the environment and voting rights.

The unorthodox arrangement assigns to Holder’s team some duties that normally would be handled by the state’s top law enforcement official, the California attorney general. Gov. Jerry Brown has nominated Democratic Rep. Xavier Becerra for that job.

The Los Angeles Times reported that De León and Rendon have been considering hiring outside counsel ever since Trump’s election, in a preemptive bid to protect state policies that could clash with the new administration’s.

De Leon is of course a wetback.

Rendon is a lighter-skinned Mexican who looks part-Jew.

With Barabara Boxer retired (yesterday was her last day, in point of fact), California has one remaining Jew Senator, Diane Feinstein.

And a Negress, Kamala Harris.

Governor Jerry Brown is an open homosexual.

Almost the entire remainder of the California government is Jewish, Mexican, black or Asian. There are a few queers and white women. But if you just click through the government pages, you see virtually no heterosexual white males.

Because we can win with these battle lines. The Democratic party body is rejecting white males and married white women.

This arrangement is beautiful. We want these battle lines.

California is the perfect candidate to set themselves up as the forefront of the war against Trump.

And I, of course, support seccession.

If they secede, many of the Jews and other non-whites will move there, as will whatever white liberals remain. And for tax reasons – taxes are already insane in California but they would have to double if they seceded – I think much if not most of Silicon Valley would relocate, probably to Texas.

California would have to survive on Hollywood money alone, basically, plus I guess whatever agriculture they have. And I suppose they’d make deals to keep some of the big Jewish IT companies there at the bay.

But we would be rid of these people, and that would be wonderful. And we could go around saying it: “if you don’t like whites, move to Cali, mate! gtfo!”

And the good news is – people of California also support this. We need to do whatever we can to make it happen. Basically, we should be preparing an entire movement to support it – both on our side and the opposition side. We need big twitter accounts that support it from a liberal angle. Someone seriously get on this.

Over time, California will just become a part of Mexico, and some future warlord leader could invade it and drive the bean people out.