Kikes Vanquished: Mel Gets Standing Ovation for Award-Winning New Film

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 26, 2016

The Jews started every war in history.

But Mel Gibson just won the war they started against him.

The Wrap:

However heavy the baggage that Mel Gibson carries from a decade ago, the audience screening his World War II battlefield hero movie “Hacksaw Ridge” at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills Monday night looked past it — to the movie itself.

“Show your heart — not just your applause — for Mel Gibson,” producer Bill Mechanic asked the crowd after the credits rolled.

As Gibson walked down the aisle to take the stage with fellow producers and key cast members, the audience gave a standing ovation. It was a departure from the typical Hollywood premiere, where the main introductions take place before the screening.

Hours earlier, the Hollywood Film Awards announced that Gibson will receive the Director’s Award at their show on Nov. 6. It marks another step on the road to industry repatriation, following his presentation at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Grant Night this past summer and his Golden Globes appearance in January.

“I’m proud to support an extraordinary producer who’s witnessing the comeback of his career,” producer Lauren Selig told TheWrap at the afterparty. Selig (“Lone Survivor”), who has the Tom Cruise and Jesse Plemons actioner “American Made” coming next year, has a longstanding relationship with the actor-director-producer.

As part of that comeback, Gibson was endearingly rusty in buttoning up his heartfelt speech to the crowd.

“Hey, go home,” Gibson concluded on stage. “Thanks so much.”

Lionsgate releases “Hacksaw Ridge” on Nov. 4.

I am hereby calling on every single one of you to go see this movie. Take your friends. Take your family. Take your neighbors. Pay for their tickets and buy them popcorn and celebrate that Mel Gibson, Catholic hero of the Aryan race and fighter of kikes, just won a personal war against all of our enemies.

And through him, we’ve won as well.

The greatness and genius of the Aryan man beats the scheming and dirty trickery of the evil kikes.

They destroyed his career and destroyed his family – after the “anti-Semitic incident” (read: telling the truth about the filthy kikes), Mel was blacklisted and his wife left him.

Now, he’s getting standing ovations for a film that is sure to be a blockbuster and he’s got a new hot young girlfriend who’s pregnant with his 9th kid.


When Trump takes control we’re going to run all kikes out of Hollywood and put Mel in charge of the entire town. If a film doesn’t meet Mel’s Aryan Christian standards, it will never be seen by the public and the makers of it will be prosecuted.