“Kill White Babies. Catch Them Quick and Hang Their Parents!” Rapper Faces Fine

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 11, 2019

Nick Conrad, “French” rapper.

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Prosecutors are calling for a suspended €5,000 (£4,520) fine for French rapper Nick Conrad, who is on trial for incitement to murder in Paris after he published an online video entitled “Hang White People”.

The music video shows the rapper acting out the kidnap, torture and hanging of a white man.

The lyrics, which sparked outrage, call for white babies to be killed.

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Mr Conrad denies the charge, and says the song is a comment on racism.

Kinda like farm attacks in South Africa are a comment on racism too, huh?

One section of the lyrics reads: “I go to the nurseries, I kill the white babies. Catch them quick and hang their parents!

Anti-racism groups have called the clip an incitement to violence and racial hatred.

Frame from the removed video.

The 35-year-old French rapper of Cameroonian descent was virtually unknown to the French public before he released his video four months ago.

Are there any French people of French descent left in France?

This is how “French people” look now.

He was raised in the suburbs of Paris, and worked as a receptionist at a five-star hotel on Avenue de l’Opera until he lost his job recently. “Nick Conrad” is a pseudonym.

The charge against Mr Conrad could result in up to five years in prison and €45,000 in fines. Prosecutors have requested a suspended fine of €5,000, saying he has “already to a certain extent paid the consequences”.

His lawyer is a woman, by the way. But I guess you were expecting that, didn’t you?

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The rapper told the court on Wednesday that the video was obviously a fictional depiction of racism, designed to shock by inverting roles, and therefore not to be taken at face value.

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The BBC’s Hugh Schofield reports that the prosecution countered this, saying there cannot be exceptions – incitement to violence does not stop just because the intended victim is white.

Don’t let that deceive you. They are pretending to move against this to keep appearances, because it’s very easily identifiable as anti-white, and they need the less easy to identify anti-white conducts they employ to go unnoticed.

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Editor's Note: Please remember that the only reason blacks hate white people is because of historical slavery in America. Something which was primarily done by the French, of course.