King Jew Bill Maher Cheers on Venezuela Coup to Stick It to Trump/Russia/Nazis

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 28, 2019

A couple of days ago when Ann launched her Blitzkrieg against Trump’s… er… well, his unorthodox political maneuvering vis a vis the Wall, she went on King Jew’s show to stress the importance of Trump keeping his central promise to his base.

She had one of those debates that we’ve all had at one point or another where we end up agreeing with a leftist but for absolutely different reasons.

The full debate:

It’s worth a listen.

The Queen is good. 

Highlights: Bill got nailed to the Wall when Ann pointed out the Jews failing to notice that Israel has a Wall hypocrisy. 

But here’s the most interesting part of the piece, wherein the Jew Maher says that it is the duty of America to do some kind of military intervention in Venezuela.

Of course, the previous leftist Jew position was that intervention is bad. Now they are claiming it is a kind of duty, in the way that the neocon Jews claimed in the 00s.

You’ll find that Jews are quite good at this. Changing their political positions on the fly that is.

But they have a tell that alerts you to the fact that some mega Jewing is about to go down.  Have you noticed it yet? Here, let me help.

One second they’re Libertines, and the second they’re pearl-clutching about Trump sleeping with a pornstar.

One moment they’re rational Atheists, and the next they’re born-again Christians reminding us of our humanitarian duty to open the border.

America pursues a Fascist, White Supremacist foreign policy! And then, all of a sudden, overthrow Maduro and Manifest Destiny! 

Seriously – Bill references the Monroe Doctrine, and shames Ann for not being as patriotic as him because muh Russia.

These people are like water, always changing their positions to try and screw the goyim. 

And naturally, his audience of clapping seals lapped it up. All of a sudden, they were pro-intervention. Doubtless, these were some of the same people who marched in the streets chanting “No blood for oil!” back in the Bush years.

I just have to reiterate the obvious here: in a Democracy, whoever controls the media controls the country.

What does, “We’ve always been at war with Eurasia” really mean? 

It means that the great mass of people believe whatever the media tells them to believe. That is, what big Jews like Bill Maher tell them to believe.

One moment it’s, “Reagan is going to blow up the world by confronting the USSR!” Then it’s, “we need to risk nuclear war by confronting Russia!”

“No more neo-Colonialism in South America!” becomes “Maduro Must Go!”

If you blink, you might miss it. The trick I mean. That’s why you need to always look for the tell. Every trickster has a tick or a tell. Sometimes, it’s the only thing that can warn you in time for you to get your guard up.