Kookspiracy: WaPo Says Russians Might Have Secretly Bugged the White House During Lavrov Visit

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 11, 2017

I think the Jew media has officially jumped the shark on the Russian conspiracy theories.

I literally – literally – would not be surprised at this point to see a WaPo headline reading “It might not be a bad idea to check for reds under the bed before you go to sleep – here’s why.”

They have just taken the fact that a Russian state photographer accompanied Lavrov into the Oval Office and took as evidence that the Russians could have bugged the place. There is no other evidence. There was just a state photographer in the room, so they say “well, if he was in the room, he could have bugged it.”

The Jew Philip Bump published a 1000 words on this.

And it’s presently the site’s 4th most read story.

Cum nimis absurdum…

Note that the article is a follow-up to a piece in the WaPo claiming that there are unnamed sources who said maybe the photographer planted a bug.

Washington Post:

As The Washington Post reported, the White House wasn’t aware that the photo would be released publicly. “We were not informed by the Russians that their official photographer was dual-hatted and would be releasing the photographs on the state news agency,” one official told The Post’s Carol Morello and Greg Miller.

When the photo became public, people were quick to question the wisdom of allowing into the Oval Office at least one Russian who hadn’t been screened enough to identify that dual role.

Note that by “people” he means “Jews.”

A state photograph takes photographs for the state, and the picture was published in media owned by the state.

Much less, one who brought with him electronic equipment in the form of his camera. The Russians would love to place a recording device in the Oval Office, of course, and have a track record of using innocuous-seeming methods to bug their opponents. (Gizmodo noted that the Russians had once had schoolchildren present the U.S. ambassador to Russia with a decorative carving that included a listening device.)

This is Jewish media logic, which has been embraced by the likes of James Comey:

-“How do you know the Russians influenced the election?”

-“Of course the Russians would want to influence the election.”

-“But what evidence is there proving that they did?”

-“The Russians are too smart to leave evidence.”


-“How do you know the moon is made of cheese?”

-“A gigantic space rat would be very interested in taking a big bite of a cheesey moon.”

-“But what data do you have to show that the moon is actually made of cheese?

-“A gigantic space rat wouldn’t be interested in eating any other kind of moon.”

WaPo then literally goes into a detailed interview with a bug-expert about how this cameraman could have bugged the place.

But, really, how much damage could be done? Could an agent actually get away with planting a device in the Oval Office?

An expert we spoke with said they could — but perhaps not for long.

Todd Morris is founder and chief executive of Brickhouse Security, a company based in New York that works with law enforcement and corporate customers on surveillance and counter-surveillance techniques. Some of Brickhouse’s clients are financial firms that are looking to prevent surveillance of confidential information that could be used to their disadvantage.

When we spoke by phone, I asked Morris to explain how he would plant a recording device in the Oval Office — and how the information would make its way back out.

“I would bring in a device roughly the size of a book of matches, very small,” he said. “It would be set up to record on audio record, audio activated. It would store that data locally. And then, within a certain amount of time and in a burst of transmission, it would transmit that to a server.”

Here’s what that accomplishes.

In some cases, spies can drop off devices that don’t need to transmit out, because the device can simply be picked up again later. That’s pretty clearly not the case here. Reporting indicates that Russian President Vladimir Putin asked Trump to host Lavrov in the White House, emphasizing how unusual such access would be. It also makes clear that the Russian government actively sought that access, which is relevant to the current discussion.

Knowing that the device would be found, then, Morris’s would transmit a signal out in as quick a burst as possible. This is meant to prevent White House security from detecting the burst — and then tracking down its point of origin. Morris figured that he’d send out the data after about 12 hours, although it would also be useful to send a burst after only a few hours, given that you’d then have captured the conversation debriefing the Russians’ visit.

This raises the question of whether a signal could escape the Oval Office. Morris was confident that it could. The room itself isn’t a SCIF — a specially designed secure location that’s meant to contain electronic communication and prevent eavesdropping. But it does have certain counter-surveillance technologies. For example, Morris said, it probably has a special device attached to the windows that causes them to vibrate, preventing someone from remotely training a laser on the glass to detect the vibrations caused by people speaking in the room.

There are two options for transmitting out: using a normal cell-tower transmission or using a low-frequency signal that would stand a better chance of passing through the walls of the White House. Nor would the Russians need to park a white van subtly labeled “VLADIMIR’S FLOWERS” on Pennsylvania Avenue to detect the emission. Such a signal could travel a mile, Morris said, allowing them to camp out in a nearby hotel, for example.

I am genuinely shocked by this.

They are ripping off old shortwave radio style conspiracy propaganda: you start with a baseless assertion, which is dropped in quickly, then you go on to give overmuch detail about what would happen logically if the baseless assertion were true.

Obviously, no one really needs details about how a bug would work. It’s 2017, and most people would assume that a small bugging device could transmit recorded audio data. The purpose of the details is to solidify the original baseless assertion in your mind.

This is real retard-tier propaganda.

“It happened because it is possible.”

I mean, you don’t have to think through too hard that there are regular bug sweeps in the White House, and it would have been found quickly (as WaPo admits) – and all it would have done is made Trump angry for no apparent purpose, when Russia is right in the middle of trying to mend relations.

Any normal person can read this article and see that it is complete gibberish. But the WaPo is still apparently burning out the rest of their remaining credibility with the lowest tier of dumbasses in America.

I await the “reds under the bed” story. Anyone who will believe this bugging story would believe that.

This was of course a part of a larger coordinated media conspiracy to put a bad light on a good meeting between Trump and Lavrov.

Every single one of them tweeted the same retarded thing.

There were two types of photographers in the room:

  1. Russian state photographers
  2. US state photographers

The Russian state owns TASS.

To be 100% crystal here, for all of these media retards that all read this site: the Russian state photographer is an employee of the Russian state which owns the Russian state media, TASS. The photographs, owned by the Russian state, were printed by the Russian state in a media which they own.

This would be exactly the same thing as the pictures taken by the US state photographer being published on WhiteHouse.gov, some other official government website, or on some government body’s official Twitter account.

So either:

  • These media people are the absolute most extreme kind of stupid, or
  • These media people are the absolute most disgusting form of liar, who lies believing that those they are lying to are the most extreme kind of stupid.

Either way, we have a serious problem with this media.

And we need to lock them up – either in a prison or a home for the mentally infirm. I don’t care which.

Just to be clear: it is impossible that even if they all were drooling stupid, they would all say the same idiot nonsense at the same time – this was a coordinated attack, arranged on one of their email lists.

We know for a fact that these media conspiracy email lists exist. It was discovered during gamergate that gaming journalists have one – why on earth wouldn’t political journalists?

And the coordination itself is proof enough.

Oh, and then there’s stuff like the fact that someone on 4chan leaked the MILO “pedophile” takedown the day before it happened, saying exactly what would happen, citing the email list.

The media is an actively organized Jewish conspiracy, period.

I know it sounds cliche to say it exactly like that – but it is the simple fact of the matter.

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